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CORRUPTION IN PUBLIC LIFE Corruption in public administration is not peculiar to India only. It exists in all countries. It is the worst in developing countries. The extent to which corruption may flourish in a country depends on the attitude of the public. In India the attitude of the public is apathy. This public apathy … Read more

Essay Writing – The Vagaries of Corruption

As the disease of cancer eats into the vitals of a human being, so does the cancer of corruption into the vitals of society. Corruption is thus comparable to cancer. Corruption has many denotations all of  which signify the most evil and the abhorrent. Corruption is widespread moral deterioration, corruption is use of corrupt practices, especially bribery or fraud, corruption is irregular alteration of a text, language etc., from its original state, corruption is decomposition. It is bribery that illegal gratification of a person who has shown favor by allotting something requires urgently. It is a pity that one cannot secure his rights just by guaranteed by the constitution without gratifying the avarice of some corrupt people. Corruption plays an important role in our social life and it has spread its vicious tentacles everywhere. Corruption is rampant in all walks of life.

Instances of corruption have rocked the nation now and then. The general feeling is that ministers, politicians and bureaucrats join hands in promoting corruption. Corruption has become a chain reaction and this means that the person at the lowest administrative level passes on a percentage of the bribe to persons higher up. Money given as bribe to a petty official changes hands till a certain percentage of it reaches at higher level. This is no concoction. How is it that bureaucrats with affixed income become multimillionaire? If you list the financial scandals and incidents of corruption in India in some decades they may number thousands. It is surprising that many officers and politicians who get involved in corruption go scot-free.

A world survey places India far down in the list of countries with a continuing history of corruption and yet we cannot be proud that India is not as corrupt as some other countries, especially the Scandinavian countries, where corruption is a common phenomenon. Bribing is but one aspect of the wide–tentacled Monster of Corruption. The financial Scandals in banks which are the custodians of people’s hard-earned money should be condemned outright. Such scandals make bring us to a pathetic state of affairs. If bureaucrats at the highest level are corrupt and cheat the gullible public, it should be said that the country’s position is at a low ebb.

It is shocking to realize that the Government contractors who finish some building projects, or erect some plants have to pay a certain amount to get their bills passed. A certain percentage of their profit goes to the clerk and other officers who are responsible for passing the bills. In the court premises there are many who have to be bribed if at all a legal matter is to be settled well. Nowadays admission to some schools, colleges, technical institutions and medical colleges is done by paying a heavy amount as bribe. Many politicians including ministers hold the record of being past criminals with a history of murders and corrupt practices. How can they ever be trusted?   The evil of corruption is to be wiped out from the face of the society if at all peace and righteousness to be preserved.

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Essay Writing – Black Money and Its Impacts

Black money is unaccounted money, illegally acquired wealth or other assets made through accepting bribery or other morally deprived acts. It may be in the forms of real estate, gold, jewellery, shares, bonds, securities, vehicles etc. Black money in India is estimated to be 200 million crores. It is also believes that black money to the tune of several crores is created every year. This reflects the magnitude of black money market in India. The creation of black money is mostly through the avoidance of income and sales taxes. Lack of proper maintenance of accounts on the part of the businessman leads to the accumulating large amount of unaccounted wealth.

Black money is also created through illegal trades. Income obtained through smuggling of gold, brown sugar, narcotics and other goods which cannot be sold in black money. Despite a tight vigil by the Board Security force, goods worth crores of rupees are smuggled from and into India every day. In this way the smuggles secure millions of rupees as black money. At least certain political in India hold a large amount of black money. They have assets north over several crores of rupees. People in power collect money, mainly from big businessmen for allotment of petrol pumps, plots of commercial land, licenses for doing particular business like liquor contracts, setting up Special Economic Zones, etc. During their tenure they amass large sums of money.

As black money is illegally acquired money it is devoid of tax restrictions. Large amount of money which should have gone to the government coffers go to the personal accounts of black marketers. If the government has received this money it would have used it to take up new projects of development or would have completed ongoing projects.

Black money is docile money. It does not play any economic function. If the black money lying idle reaches the government, there will be faster development. Keeping and transferring black money is another way of corruption. As it is devoid of tax restrictions it should not help in anyway both the government and the society. If it comes to the government treasury it may help to the people in many ways.

Some people believe that the black money in India is creating a parallel economy worth thousands of millions of rupees. It is also performing an important economic function. This money creates demand for goods and services helping the industry and producers of services. Despite these arguments, one has to say that the accumulation of black money is a poor reflection on our society.

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Slum Culture in India

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Slums as perceived by most of us are dirty, dingy, mostly illegal and poor societies that lack amenities, wealth or basic standards of living. Today, for many large slums a part of this definition is true; whereas the other part is not. They are definitely dirty and dingy lacking many basic facilities but some of them possess huge amounts of wealth. India has some of the largest slums in the continent as well as the world in its largest metropolitan like Mumbai, New Delhi etc. This reflects the sharp contrast and irony of the two types of lives led in a developed city.Speech topics

A slum is established when a group or a community of people who are weak economically, socially or culturally find an area to establish their dwellings. With time, schools and hospitals are developed in the region but the facilities are not up to the mark. They have to live a life of insecurity and fear as to when they will be dislocated or will be victimized by attacks from other communities. They are enveloped by the vicious cycle of poverty, unemployment, crime, corruption and illiteracy.

To add to their despair, the poor hygiene conditions, congested areas give rise to various health problems. Due to lack of proper amenities, the crime rate in such regions is extremely high. Probability of riots and fights is also high. But these days, many large slums are house to some of the biggest trades in the world; some illegal others legal. Many communities with a rich culture and indigenous art forms often promote them and resort to cottage industries to earn money. Many others are centres of drug and human trafficking, hubs for gangsters and dacoits and even terrorist camps. Life in a slum is unpredictable and dangerous as there is no security or stability of life. People there are surrounded by the fear as to when the government or any other NGO will come up with a new development project at the site of their settlement and they will have to leave the area. They have no financial or social back up and thus many families eventually land up struggling for square meals by doing odd jobs. Many communities disperse and settle in different cities and towns. Many others go back to villages in search of a stable life. This leads to disappearance of minority groups and their cultures.

Steps are being taken to take care of the slum dwelling people by governmental and non-governmental organizations alike. These people are being given proper legal areas to live and are being provided with employment opportunities as well. They are being protected socially, culturally and financially. Many slums are yet to receive this support. Cooperative measures will help them reap the benefits of our nation’s development.

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Corruption is the most deadly social evil persisting in the Indian society at almost all bureaucratic, administrative and official levels. It forms a vicious cycle of darkness around the common man who does not hold any authority or power in the society. Corruption has hollowed our society so far and if not curbed, it shall take our country to all-time lows.Essay topics

Corruption is basically the use of immoral and unethical practices for selfish reasons. Corrupt people can go to any extent and sacrifice their principles to get their job done or for personal gains. Many officials have been caught deceiving people and asking for huge amounts of money for simple jobs. Many public servants who are supposed to serve the society often are responsible for insecurities among the masses. Corruption has even lead to hindrance in the growth and development of our society because many facilities and laws framed for our welfare are not implemented owing to high levels of corruption in our society. Corruption is seen as a direct reason of high rate of unemployment, illiteracy and poverty worldwide.  Lack of proper health facilities, dearth of basic amenities like electricity and communication services and ill maintenance of social and national infrastructure is largely because the funds diverted for these purposes are taken by corrupt officials. Many laws that have been framed are still on paper and have not been implemented successfully because of corruption. Corruption not just leads to shortage of services and goods, but also degraded quality of the services and commodities available to us. Many cases of adulteration in food products, cheap quality electrical devices have been reported and observed which is nothing but a result of corruption and dishonesty.

Corruption is a result of improper governance and inefficient administration in public and private organizations. There is a lack of transparency for the masses to view the functioning of these organizations. Despite the RTI act, corruption manages to creep into our society. Illiteracy among the masses enables the officials to cheat on them. High rates of corruption are due to poverty and desperation to get employed for many who agree to work for anything to earn a meager amount.

Corruption needs to be curbed before it damages our society. The need of the hour is that the highest officials should be honest and should supervise the functioning of the divisions below them. The masses should be made aware of their rights and they should take proper care to check the services provided to them. Dirty politics or dishonesty should be eliminated. A sincere effort is thus required to correct our society.

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