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A HOCKEY MATCH Last Sunday, I saw a very interesting hockey match. It was played between the Khalsa School and Guru Har Krishan Public School. Mr. Dhyan Chand and Balbir Singh acted as referees. It was played at Ram Lila Grounds. A large number of students and teachers had come to see the match. The … Read more

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A HOCKEY MATCH Hockey is being played in India for a long period. It is ‘people’s game’ because it costs only a ball, sticks and the field. Indian players won gold medals in several Olympics, now our standard is low. In hockey there are eleven players on each side and the duration is thirty five … Read more

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A HOCKEY MATCH Last Saturday a very interesting hockey match was played between our school team and government boys senior secondary school. The match was played in the ground opposite the town hall. Mr. John acted as referee. The match started at 4 p.m. sharp. The referee blew a whistle and we won the toss. … Read more