Essay Writing Topics on DRUG ADDICTION

 DRUG ADDICTION Today every country in the world is no longer secure from the menace of drug abuse. Even in the most powerful country America is in its grip, India is not far behind. Drugs have been used for medical purposes since time immemorial. Bui these days drugs and narcotics are being used freely by … Read more

Essay Writing on DRUG ADDICTION

DRUG ADDICTION The story is the same throughout the world. Drug addiction has spared neither a progressive nation nor a backward one. It is rather strange the more backward a nation is the sadder are the experiences of drug addiction. According to Melvyn Levitsky US Assistant Secretary of State for International Narcotics Matters there were … Read more

Short Essay Topics on DRUG ADDICTION

DRUG ADDICTION Drug addiction means ‘developing the habit of taking intoxicants’. In the materialistic world today, where man is burdened with worries, drug addiction has become a fashion as well as a practice. People belong to the upper section of society have turned to drug-taking for saving themselves from worries they have to face in … Read more