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GOOD MANNERS Good Manners plays “significant role in our life. Learning good manners should be done easily in life  it costs nothing only effort is needed. Good manners attract others. Good manners and courtesy have an impact. It builds one’s reputation as k person grows up. A person without good manners remains a least and … Read more


GOOD MANNERS Manners make the character of a man. A man of good manners is a man of good character. Good manners spring from the heart. One needs to exercise self control in order to learn good manners. The man who is polite, sweet tempered and soft spoken is liked by everybody. People respect those … Read more

Essay Topics on GOOD MANNERS

GOOD MANNERS If a man is a bundle of habits, a gentle man is a bundle of manners. As in the Middle Ages in Europe, the highest glory of man was to call himself a Christian. So in the twentieth century the highest tribute that can be paid to a man is calling him a … Read more

Essay Writing GOOD MANNERS

GOOD MANNERS The word manner means ‘polite social behaviour’. One should always have good manners. A person is known by his manners. Everybody likes a well-mannered person. A bad-mannered person is discarded. To achieve calm and comfort in life, we ought to have good manners that may provide a smooth sailing to our social life. … Read more