Essay Topics about MY HOBBY

MY HOBBY It is not serious study or profession that makes life interesting and worth living. It is something other than the main work that makes life worth living. Naturally a hobby would add a pleasure to one’s life. But most of us in India have no hobby. It has generally become a prerogative of … Read more

Essay about MY HOBBY

MY HOBBY Each and every person does some work or other. The rich work for increasing their riches whereas poor for their daily bread. Hobby is a work done in spare time in a leisurely way. In pursuing hobby one is not bound in any way. Hobby is not for earning riches. It is basically … Read more

MY HOBBY: Essay Writing

MY HOBBY Each man and woman has a fascination for some or others activity as a special choice. It is known as hobby. Hobbies can be of many types. Some are too much interested in music and dance. Still others are interested in games, touring, collection of stamps, coins etc. The hobby of reading books … Read more

Essay about MY HOBBY

MY HOBBY A hobby is an activity we do for enjoyment during our spare time. It keeps us busy and we also derive pleasure out of it.  Different people have different hobbies. Music, painting, reading, stamp collecting, coin collecting, gardening etc. are some of the common hobbies. My hobby is reading books. Whenever I am … Read more