TELEVISION: Essay Writing Topics

TELEVISION Television is a wonderful invention and gift of modern science. It was invented by John-L-Baird of London. Now the television is in a very improved form. Moreover, video, tape-recorders and players are also now very common. All these represent a revolution in the field of electronics and entertainment. With the help of television sets … Read more


MY NEIGHBOURS Ours is a small family of four members. It includes my parents, younger sister and me. I live in a M.I.G. Flat on the first floor. In all, there are three floors. The two flats on the third floor are still vacant. Opposite our flat lives a government official with his family. He … Read more


CO-EDUCATION Co-education means no separate schools for boys and girls. Under this system of education, there is no segregation on sex-basis. Boys and girls are imparted the same training and education in the same school, under the same staff of teachers. Thus, it brings boys and girls together at very early stage. In India, co-education … Read more

Essay Writing on A VISIT TO A CIRCUS

A VISIT TO A CIRCUS I had heard much about the circus, but had not visited any before it. It was my first visit. I was then six years old and in the first standard. Since the first visit has been the most memorable experience. My father took my elder brother Apar and me to … Read more

Essay Topics on A FIRE ACCIDENT

A FIRE ACCIDENT It was 4 o’clock in the afternoon. I was busy in doing my lessons and homework. Mother was engaged in the kitchen, preparing tea for me. Suddenly, there were shouts and cries and a lot of confused noise. Immediately I rushed out to find out what was all that. I was told … Read more


TERRORISM IN INDIA Terrorism in India has grown largely since independence, particularly in the last two decades. It has been feeding off the personnel sufferings by luring governments into actions that throw out hard-earned library of contemporary people. The area with long term terrorist action today is of Jammu Kashmir, Mumbai, Central India and Seven … Read more