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Essay Writing Topics on the Advantages of Reading Newspapers

The newspaper has become the common man’s window to the events happening all around the world. A modern educated man cannot enjoy his morning cup of tea until he has the morning’s paper before him. It brings him news and views from all corners of the world. In modern times, newspapers are considered to be the givers of information, news and views.

The primary function of a newspaper is to provide news of all kinds. A successful newspaper caters to all kinds of readers-scientists, sportsmen, cinema fans, politicians, businessmen, lawyers and jobless workers anxiously looking up advertisement columns. It widens one’s knowledge and keeps one in touch with the advances made in the fields of science, education, medicine and technology. Besides their informative character, newspapers possess literary value. Articles by well-known writers, commentaries by great men, book reviews by able critics, all find their way into newspapers.

Newspapers are a very powerful means of propaganda. The editorials and leading articles in a newspaper have great effect on its readers. Next in importance are the letters to the editor. These highlight some problem and ask for immediate action. Most of the newspapers carry sports news everyday. There are also columns on agriculture, education, industry and finance on fixed days of the week. Newspapers help in creating among the readers the spirit of goodwill and mutual understanding with other nations of the world.

Newspapers form and mould public opinion. They contain a lot of useful information regarding national and international events in political, social, economic, scientific, religious and literary fields. The public remain in constant touch with the leading events in the world. Newspapers also mobilise public opinion on national issues and thus help in mass education. They make people aware of their rights and duties.

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Television A Blessing or a Curse? – Debate Topics

Television- A Blessing or a Curse?

Television is one of the most important miracles of science. It has brought about a revolution in the field of entertainment, education and communication. It has brought the cinema and the stage both into our houses. One can now watch moving, talking and living pictures on the screen while sitting in his home.

Television has many advantages to its credit. It has three major functions- to educate, entertain and to inform. Many educative and informative programmes can be shown on the television which are of great help to students and the masses. Television is specially very valuable for an underdeveloped country like India where a great majority of the people are illiterate and live in the villages. Documentaries and discussions with suitable visuals provide education and information. Through the talks delivered by eminent scholars, people can be informed about the latest happenings and current problems. Scientists, social workers and eminent personalities can talk to the people directly. Thus they can gain a huge fund of information regarding science, political matters and social problems.

Entertainment comes in various forms. People can enjoy films, plays, dances, musical concerts, sports and games and the scenic beauty of any part of the world. Television also helps to a great extent in removing social and political evils from the society. It can highlight the evils of casteism, dowry, drinking, gambling etc. and help in their removal. Similarly, government programmes like family planning, afforestation, adult education and cleanliness can also be propagated through the medium of television.

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Essay writing – Students and Politics

Students and Politics

The question of the participation of students in politics has always evoked a lot of discussion. It has been a very controversial subject. The discussion goes on between students, teachers, poli­ticians and well-wishers of the student community. In spite of their best efforts, no satisfactory solution has so far been found out.

Those who oppose the participation of students in politics put up a strong case. They argue that politics is a dirty game. It disturbs the peace of mind of the students. The primary duty of a student is to pay single- minded attention to his studies. Only then will he be able to achieve anything in life. Politics greatly interferes in the studies of the students. At times, it brings them into a serious clash with the authorities or with the police. All these disrupt the student’s studies. He loses his real purpose in life and goes astray. Education should aim at moulding responsible citizens, at developing qualities like truthfulness, responsibility and discipline in the students. A student should also be able to uphold values like democracy, secularism and unity. Citizenship training doesn’t mean involvement in politics. Students should be taught about the constitution, the election process and the administrative process. It is not necessary that a student should involve in politics to learn these. Students do not learn anything worth from the political parties in the present day. Political parties use students to attain their political ends by dragging them the streets for strikes and for acts of violence. Students who are not mature enough to decide what is righted wrong often follow these masters blindly and land themselves in trouble.

Those who argue in favour of student participation in politics say that this leads to a harmonious development of a student’s personality. It makes him aware of what is happening in his country and in the world around him. It develops in him the qualities of leadership. It gives him training in the democratic way of life. He grows into a responsible and cultured citizen. It creates in him a sense of patriotism. As a leader in the making, he develops such qualities as courage, sincerity of purpose, spirit of service, sympathy for the fellowmen, self-discipline and devotion to duty.

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Essay topics on Students and Fashion

Students and Fashion

Fashion means new modes in dress and outlook. It means change in the cut of clothes and the ways of make- up . The change in hair style also comes under fashion. Fashion guides and governs our style of living.

The students of today are becoming more and more fashion-conscious. Both boys and girls dress themselves in the clothes of the latest fashion. Paris is considered as the centre of fashions. What takes birth in Paris is followed all over the world the very next day. Thus fashion has a tendency to spread like wild fire. Young boys and girls in schools and colleges fall a prey to this. Almost all the students regard it as an essential part of their duty to march with the fashion and thus appear up-to-date and modern. Big dress-making companies employ fashion designers and beautiful models to popularize their dresses. Fashion parades and shows are organized by them to exhibit the latest fashions. These external factors influence the student community a lot.

Boys and girls spend much of their precious time in dressing and make-up. Boys are seen dressed in showy suits and colorful shirts. They eye one another clothes with keen interest. Critical remarks are freely made regarding classmates whose suits do not suit them properly. Everyone aims at wearing his clothes to the best advantage and at producing a favourable impression upon his teachers and classmates. Some of them even think that their costly clothes are an additional qualification. Female students go two steps further than male students. They give up the wearing of sarees and imitate the west in their dresses and make-up. They generally like to have short hair. They spend a lot of money on cosmetics.

Fashions are followed for dress, hair- style, footwear and etiquette. Some find delight in wearing the most modern dress, others in having fashionable hair and some others in wearing expensive shoes. The students in India learn all their fashions from the films. Some of them even-see the latest Hollywood films. Thus they try to imitate the actions, dresses, hair styles and manners of their favorite heroes.and heroines. Going to pictures and visiting restaurants are also part of fashion. Students make it a point to see all the films, even neglecting their studies. Visiting an expensive restaurant for a cup of tea or ice-cream is considered a symbol of status. Some of them even resort to the habit of smoking and taking drugs. Those who cannot do these are considered as outcasts. Poor students who cannot afford the luxury of fashion mostly remain under an inferiority complex.

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Essay writing on Science and Technology

Science – A Menace to Humanity  or Disadvantages of Science

This is an age of science. Science has changed the face of the world. It gave electricity, electronics, telephone, Aeroplane and several other things for the pleasure and comfort of man. It has minimized the sufferings and increased the happiness of man.

Science has become a curse to humanity today. The evils that it has showered on man wash away its advantages. Science is responsible for wars and deadly modem weapons like long-range remote-controlled and radar-guided missiles, poisonous gases, bio­logical weapons, warships, sophisticated aircraft, atom bomb, hydrogen bomb and neutron bomb that can destroy the whole world in no time. Such weapons are amassed by the developed nations in large numbers. Scientists are busy making further advances in the field of armaments. The Star War Project developed by the U.S.A will carry the struggle in the space and it will lead to large-scale pollution. All these result in causing havoc and large-scale destruction. Large-scale deaths ruin thousands of families and destroy homes and factories. All these cause widespread difficulties, unemployment and poverty.

Nuclear energy created by science has become a menace today. The nuclear power plants pose a very serious danger. The Chernobyl blast in the former Soviet Union spread radiation all around. The radiation after the blast affected plant life and animal life in many parts of Europe. Thousands of people died and thousands are suffering from cancer and other evil diseases. Millions of people are still ill in Hiroshima and Nagaski due to the explosion of atom bombs. When millions of people die of starvation, more than fifty percent of the budget is being spent on war equipments. Out of mutual fear and suspicion, India and Pakistan do this. The money which could have been used for feeding the starving people is being spent to make the world a fire-cracker shop.

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Science A Blessing or A Curse? – Debate topics

Science – A Blessing or A Curse?

The modern age is the age of science. The influence of science can be seen in every walk of life. Science has provided man with many amenities. The world has completely changed by the advance of science. In a way, the world has become a wonderland compared with the ancient world.

Science has made many significant contributions to human life. It has increased the happiness and comforts of man greatly. Science has made travel very comfortable and quick. Different modes of travel like motor cycles, buses, trains, ships and aeroplanes are available today. Improvements in the means of transport have led to the development of economy. Ships carry goods from one country to another, resulting in the progress of international trade. Aeroplanes have made the world much smaller. Within a few hours, one can travel thousands of miles and reach different corners of the world by means of aeroplanes. Fans and air conditioners help man a lot. Houses are lighted, cooled and heated with the latest scientific devices. Electricity is a boon to the modern world. All types of machinery can be run with it.   The contributions of science to domestic life are many. Easy and quick methods of cooking and washing are available today. Food can also be preserved for a long time in the refrigerator.

The field of communication has been revolutionized by science. With the help of modern scientific devices like telephone and wireless telegraphy, one can talk with his friends and relatives thousands of miles away from him. Messages can be sent to different parts of the world within a few hours. Through radio broadcasts, messages can be conveyed to all parts of the world. On the television, voices can be heard and different scenes can be viewed. Any event which takes place in any part of the world can be watched by us while sitting in our own living rooms with the help of satellite communication. Scientific methods of cultivation have increased agricultural production. As a result, the problem of food scarcity is solved to a great extent. Very difficult jobs can be done by machines and thus science has reduced the burden of workers.

The contribution of science in the field of medicine is vital. Science has helped mankind to fight against many chronic diseases. It has lessened the sufferings and miseries of man. With the invention of new medicines, many incurable diseases can be cured now. The blessing of science in the field of surgery is remarkable. Operations can be carried out even on delicate parts of the human body like brain and heart. Transplantation of human organs like heart and kidney is possible today. Hidden diseases in the human body can be easily diagnosed with the help of X-rays and scanning facilities. Science has given sight to the blind, artificial legs to the lame, and hearing aids to the deaf. Contageous diseases like cholera, small-pox, plague and malaria can be controlled now. Besides these, science has given many means of entertainment to man. It is with the help of science that man has reached the moon and orbited the earth. He is now probing other planets like Mars.

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Right use of Leisure – Essay Writing

Right use of Leisure

To be at one’s leisure is to be free from duties or occupation. It means that one is free to do or not to do anything. It is libera­tion from our routine jobs and responsibilities. It puts one at one’s ease.

Time is limited and so every hour of it is precious. So we should make the right use of our leisure. People spend their leisure time differently. Leisure should be used most advantageously. The pursuit of hobbies is the best use of leisure. A hobby gives us pleasure. It is an activity which provides enjoyment. People resort to gardening, indulge in outdoor or indoor games, and go out for walks during leisure time. But some others train themselves in lines other than their jobs during leisure. Freedom from employment for such people is not at all real freedom. It is simply a change from one type of labour to another. This is the creative use of leisure.

Life is full of opportunities and he who uses these will succeed in life. It is not good to waste our time. The leisure we get should not be wasted in idling. There are people who do nothing during their leisure. It is not real rest and it only increases restlessness. It is said that an idle man’s brain is the devil’s workshop. Some of the popular ways of using leisure are book reading, theatre – going, gardening, collecting stamps and pictures, playing musical instruments, writing poems or stories, painting etc. All these make a man engaged, and give him enjoyment and pleasure.  These help him to use his leisure hours profitably.

People can use their leisure also for nation-building activities. There are many problems like illiteracy, ignorance, superstition, over- population, casteism, communalism, and the use of liquor . The educated people in a society can help to eradicate these evils. They can start literacy programmes during their free time. The illiterate people can be told of the importance of family planning, clean health habits, the evils of communalism, and the dangers of excessive use of liquor. These will lead to improve the quality of the people and the nation will benefit in the long run.

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Removal of Poverty from India – Essay

Removal of Poverty from India

Poverty is the greatest curse of India. It is the grave problem faced by the country today. When we got independence, nearly 50% of the people were below the line of poverty. This state of affairs continues even today, with some variations. Poverty is the prime source of all evils, whether political, social or economic. A poverty-stricken land is an easy prey to its greedy and jealous neighbours. Poverty has brought about political revolutions, moral degeneration and economic upheavals. A nation of hungry and starving millions cannot preserve its integrity and independence for long. Political independence has no meaning to the common man unless he is freed from poverty.

How can we remove poverty from India ? The gap between the rich and the poor should be reduced, though this is not easily possible. This involves well-directed efforts on the part of the government and also the active co-operation of the rich and the poor. The rich must be prepared to make sacrifices and reduce their consumer expenditure, and the poor must be prepared to work hard for improving their lot. It may be worthwhile to find how some of the countries of the world have succeeded in their attempts to end poverty. Former West Germany, Japan, Italy and France are among the democratic countries who have tackled this problem with astonishing success. It is the plan adopted by the Government and the spirit shown by its people, which have accounted for this great success. They did not have hundreds of public sector undertakings running at heavy loss. There was no question of industrial indiscipline, pulls and pushes by political parties, and lock-outs.  The example shown by the former Soviet  Union and Communist China are equally astonishing. Within a period of two decades, these agricultural countries developed great economic strength by the iron will, firm device and single-minded determination of their leaders. They have seen to it that the people are not allowed to waste their energies and time in petty quarrels and demonstrations in the name of democracy and liberty.

India owes her sad plight of today to her unimaginative and unrealistic fads. The policies and programmes adopted by the governments from time to time have been unrealistic. The people waste their energies and time in petty quarrels for some political gains. If India decides to stick to her democratic institutions, she should then give due recognition to profit motives and free competition. India must re-align her priorities if she wants to banish poverty quickly and effectively. Too much emphasis on individual freedom and rights has resulted in industrial unrest and strikes, leading to low production and poverty. We should eradicate illiteracy and give proper education to the people. The Government should create the right atmosphere for industrial growth. This will generate great scope for employment. When we are able to solve the problem of unemployment, we will also succeed in ending poverty.

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Problem of Rising Prices – Essay writing

Problem of Rising Prices

At present India is faced with a host of problems of varying urgency, and the problem of rising prices is one of the most serious problems that our motherland is confronted with. In the last five years or so,prices have been rising at a galloping pace. It is now the major national problem and it has eclipsed all other issues before the country. The problem is twofold-to check further rise and, if possible, to bring the prices down.

There are many causes for the rising prices. Economists are of the opinion that the growing economy of the country has given rise to the rising prices. Such an economy causes inflation. In inflation, purchasing power runs ahead of purchasable goods. In other words, the supply of money increases at once, but the supply of goods takes time to increase. During inflation hoarding takes place. This further accelerates the pace of prices. The home cost of goods increases. Foreign buyers will not be attracted to buy such goods. The result is that the foreign market is lost and much foreign exchange is lost. The value of currency falls.

Another cause for the rapid price rise is increase in population. This has further increased inflation. The production of goods is increasing slowly. The current consumption of goods is increasing because of population growth, resulting in price rise. The next reason for price rise is that the production of consumption goods has been very slow. Higher targets were set to be achieved in defence and development. No consideration was given to the existing state of economy. The pressure on real resources has been increasing. The long-term projects have not yet borne fruit. But there has been investment. The gap between the return and the investment has resulted in high prices. Yet another reason for rising prices is that the system of government such as ours is liable to inflation.   Restraint cannot often be imposed on spending.

What are the effects of rising prices ? During periods of rising prices, the rich get richer and the poor poorer. The rich own the means of production. They pay the labourers handsomely. But they take back with the left hand what they give with the right. The cost of goods swell up and the prices rise. Rising prices encourage hoarding, profiteering, black-marketing and corruption. They discourage export. They cause devaluation of currency. They also seriously disrupt the equitable distribution of wealth.

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Essay on My Ambition in my life – Download

essay writing topics
essay writing topics
My Ambition in Life

Essay on My Ambition in my life – Download

Preservation of Forests – Essay Writing

Preservation of Forests

Forests are important national and natural resources of a country. They play a significant role in the economy of a nation. They form an important part of the wealth of a country. The area under forests in India is about 1.5 lakh hectares, which accounts for about 22.1 percent of the total area of the country.

Preservation of forests is of utmost importance due to various reasons. Forests influence climate. They attract rain and preserve moisture. The leaves of trees always give off moisture and this cools the surrounding atmosphere. When moisture-laden winds blow over the forest, the moisture they carry is condensed and forms clouds, and these dissolve in rain. Rainfall is very heavy in the forests of the mountain slopes and valleys. As a result, many rivers originate from the forests. Forests on hill sides do much to prevent destructive floods. The roots of the trees hold the soil firmly and thus soil erosion is prevented.

Forests give us timber, fodder, bamboos for producing papers, medicinal plants, wax, honey and fruits. They also provide raw materials for the development of industries. Coal deposits are abundant in ancient forests. Forests are the abode of wild animals and rare birds. They are also places of tourist attraction, pilgrimage and hermitage. Forests preserve ecological balance. Clearing of forests will result in soil erosion, flood and drought.

But it is sad to say that forest wealth is misused in our country.   Forests are destroyed for selfish purposes and also in the name of development. Men clear the forests for cultivation, mining and for the construction of dams, without proper planning. Wild animals are killed mercilessly. Many of them are on the verge of extinction. Clearing of forests without proper planning will lead to ecological imbalance. It will result in drought, soil erosion and flood and in the long ran it will arrest the economic progress of the nation.

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Importance of a Library – Essay writing

My School Library or the Importance of a School Library

A library is a treasure-house of knowledge. So a good library is of great importance in a school.

A good library has a huge collection of books on various subjects. In the library, there are different types of books, maga­zines, periodicals and newspapers available for reading. The students benefit a lot from the school library. They can increase their knowledge by reading different books on various topics. Thus a good library is an asset to a school as it is a store-house of information.

As in all the other schools, we also have a good library- in our school. It is housed in a long, large hall in one wing of the school building. There are about 15,000 books on various subjects in our library. There are biographies, text books, books on literature, reference books, books on hobbies, travels and adventure, story books, novels and short story collections. Besides, there are good magazines and periodicals too. There is a qualified and experienced librarian in charge of the library. The books have been neatly arranged and kept in shelves and almirahs. The books are arranged subject-wise. There is a catalogue giving a classified list of the books, with a number for each book.

All the students of our school have been issued two library cards. If a student wants a particular book, he has only to write the name and number of the book and submit it to the librarian. He would then be given the book. Each student can get two books at a time. The books are issued for ten days at a time. If a student fails to return a book on the due date, then he has to pay a nominal fine. Each class is given a particular day in a week to borrow the books from the library.

Our school library has a reading room where a large table is placed. Newspapers, periodicals and magazines are placed on the table daily for the use of students. Students can sit around the table and read materials of their choice. The walls of the room are decorated with good motto telling the students about the use of different books and magazines. There is a news board on which the important news items of the day and a ‘thought for the day’ are written. We have two library periods in a week. We make use of these periods by sitting in the library and reading.

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My Hobby – Essay writing Topics

My Hobby

A hobby is the best form of recreation to the mind and the body. It is an interesting activity of a person during his leisure time. It is very essential for relaxation and to get amused during our free time. Hobbies help us to spend our leisure time profitably and pleasantly. It gives us a change from the routine of our pro­fessional work. A hobby gives us not only pleasure, but it also helps us to earn money. It keeps a person active, busy and happy.

Hobbies are of various kinds. Reading, gardening, painting, drawing, singing, dancing, collection of stamps and coins, bird watching, fishing, swimming, photography and indoor games are the different kinds of hobbies. My favourite hobby is gardening. We have a spacious ground attached to our house. I have developed this open space into a beautiful garden. Gardening gives me a sense of joy, pride and pleasure.

I grow different kinds of flowering plants like roses and marygold in my garden. I have planted some fruit trees also in my garden. I also grow some of the vegetables that we need. Our needs for fruits and vegetables are wholly met from my garden and it gives me a sense of achievement. I am very proud of my garden. My father gives me money to buy seeds and fertilizers necessary for my garden. Every evening I spend an hour in my garden. I manure my plants regularly and water them daily. My garden is full of beautiful flowers. The flowers of different colours add beauty to my garden. Most of the flowers begin to blossom at night and a pleasant fragrance spreads everywhere. I find time to be in the garden to enjoy the cool breeze carrying pleasant fragrance.

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My Ambition in Life Essay Writing

My Ambition in Life

People have their own dreams in life. It is always a good thing to have an ambition in one’s life. A person without an aim or ambition in life is an unfortunate person. Without a set aim, a person can achieve nothing in his life. An ambition is an incen­tive to a person to work hard and to achieve success in life.

Different people have different ambitions. Some persons dream of becoming leaders, politicians and social reformers. Some want to amass wealth, others want to achieve fame and still others want to serve the mankind. There are others who have a craze for becoming poets and writers whereas most of the people generally have a desire of becoming doctors, engineers or scientists. Many young boys and girls aspire to become actors and actresses. Thus ambitions differ from person to person.

My ambition in life is to become a teacher. The idea of simple living and high thinking inspires me to take up this profession. The sole object of my life is to lead a life of simplicity and goodness devoted to the service of others. The good examples set by the great teachers of the past are before me. Their life and work inspire me very much to devote mys«lf to this noble profession.

As a teacher, I want to serve my country in my own humble way. There are a lot of illiterate people in India. Removal of illiteracy is the most urgent need today. The role of a teacher is supreme here. I wish to do what I can to educate my countrymen. I am fully aware of the fact that the teachers in our country are ill-paid. A good teacher is a real friend, philosopher and guide of the students. The teacher removes the darkness of ignorance from the minds of the students and fills them with knowledge and noble ideals. I want to fulfil this dream as a teacher. A teacher should be free from corruption. I want to be honest and hard-working in my profession. A teacher should be a model to the students and to the society.

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Essay on Population Problems in India

India’s Population Problem

India is an over-populated country. Its population is multiplying at an alarming rate. India’s population in March 1991 stood at 843.93 million. If this rate of growth continues, it will be about 908 million at the end of this century.

The population problem has become one of the most serious problems of our country because whatever progress is being made every year is eaten up by the increasing population. This alarming growth of population has created a large number of problems. Unem­ployment, poverty, scarcity of food, increase in the price of goods, fall in the standard of living, contageous diseases and insufficient medical facilities are some of them. The rise in population widens the gulf between the rich and the poor. Most of the children are born in the poor rural families. The burden on land increases. The people migrate to cities for jobs and live in slums which are centres of corruption, smuggling, prostitution and diseases. Illiteracy increases in proportion to the rise in population. The quality oi the population is going down and the quantity is increasing. Poverty and ignorance generated by population explosion benefit the politicians. They can mislead the people. They can create rivalry among castes and religions for their personal interest. They can also purchase the votes of the poor and the ignorant.

What are the reasons for the population explosion in India? In India, marriage laws are liberal. The practice of early marriages gives longer span for reproductive activity. In India the birth-rate is high and the death-rate is low. There has been an improvement in health and medical facilities and people’s knowledge of public health has also increased. As a result, the death-rate has come down considerably. This has resulted in population explosion. Poverty is also an important reason. A poor man likes to have more members in his family because he expects his children also to add to the income of the family by working. The majority of the people have no enjoyment, no recreation except indulging in sex.

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