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essay writing topics

Books Are Friends or Books and Reading

Knowledge knows no bounds. Reading books contributes to the enrichment of our knowledge in-terms of human experience and information. Happy is the man who acquires the habit of reading when he is young. Books are for him a life-long source of pleasure, instruction and inspiration. He never feels lonely because he has books as his beloved friends. He always has a pleasant use of his leisure so that he never feels bored. He is in possession of a wealth more precious than gold. Books are treasuries, not filled with gold, silver and precious stones, but with knowledge, noble thoughts and high ideals.

Regular reading keeps our knowledge up-to-date about the happenings in the world. If we stop the habit of reading, then we are like fish out of water. Books are our trusted guides. They enlighten us and give us the knowledge we lack. As we should choose only good friends, so we should choose only good books. Some books are cheap and misleading. We should not read such books. Good books increase our knowledge, give us good vocabulary and we learn the language better. Who can give us so much knowledge in such a short period of time?

Books give us the highest pleasure, provided we choose the right kind of books. Some books like novels and stories are read simply for pleasure and amusement. They bring relaxation to a tired brain. There are many books on history, philosophy, religion, travel and science which we ought to read. Such serious readings will give us not only pleasure, but valuable education. Poetry transports us into a world of noble thoughts and imagination.

essay writing topics

We should make reading a regular habit. The first thing to do is to become a member of a library. Then we should make it a habit to choose good books from it. Knowledge once gained can never be lost. Opportunities may not always wait for us. So, students must make reading books a habit. Reading gives a person great pleasure, trains his mind, makes him think and teaches him much. Books are the most faithful of friends. Our friends may change or die, but books are always waiting patiently to give us company.

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Essay writing Topics – An Ideal Student

essay writing topics

An Ideal Student

Students are the future hope of the country. A student is like clay which can be moulded into any shape. Hence, it is very necessary that the students should be brought up and taught in the right ways. The environment of society is responsible for shaping the character of students.

 essay writing topicsDiscipline is the foremost quality of a student; lie has to live in accordance with the strict rules of conduct arid discipline. This is the time of life when the foundation of character is laid. A student without a sense of discipline is like a ship without a rudder. ‘He should be obedient and cautious. He should be humble and simple He should respect his elders and gain knowledge so that he may become a good citizen. A good student should be studious. He should not only study, but also let others study. For this, he will have to be law-abiding. He should spend a lot of his precious time in acquiring knowledge. An ideal student develops the habit of reading good books in order to widen his mental horizon.

Students are the citizens of tomorrow. It is very necessary for they be strong and healthy. The honour of a country cannot be saved unless it has strong citizens. To keep himself healthy, a student must take part in games and extra-curricular activities. He should be an all-rounder. He should select his friends intelligently and wisely. He must ensure that no evil tempts him. An ideal student should be an amusing companion. He should have pleasing manners. He should not be a coward, because a coward is a curse to society. So he should be bold and hardworking, and be ready to sacrifice himself for the sake of the country.

An ideal student must understand how much he owes to his parents. He should be a servant of humanity. He should also take an active interest in social service. He should be active in finding out solutions to various problems of society. An ideal student should be humorous. He should keep the atmosphere lively by his humorous nature. He should never be passive in mind and body. He should take an active part in the activities of the school. He should be. a source of inspiration for others.

The school is a community, and an ideal student should learn to be a useful member of it. This means that he should have good relations with his authorities and friendly. He should be frank and fearless. An ideal student will admit his mistake, get it corrected and learn from it. He is fully conscious of his duties and responsibilities. He sets an example for the-younger generation. An ideal student has many good qualities. He presents an ideal model of character before others. Such a student will be an asset to the nation.

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Essay Writing – War and Peace on a new outlook

The world has witnessed many wars right from the days of the Ramayana and Mahabharata. The Ramayana was a story of victory over the evil elements in society. The story was on a war over the evil elements in the society. Though the story was on a war over the abduction of a pretty woman ‘sita’, who was considered divine, because of her extraordinary noble virtues like patience, love, faithfulness to her husband and loving care for her relatives, the Ramayana is full of morals that are eternally valid. Lakshmana’s devotion to her brother Rama, Bharatha’s devotion to his brother, Dasaratha’s rule over his kingdom strictly following highly sacred ethical rules, his loving care for his subjects explain how a human being should live according to the age-old norms of morality, how a kingdom should be ruled.

The story of the Mahabharatha depicts the war fought between the Pandavas and the Kauravas over a dispute arising over the possession of a kingdom. Enmity, anger, hate have been the cause of many wars. King Ashoka turned a piece-lover after seeing the large scale destruction caused by the Kalinga war. He embraced Buddhism, the religion of non-violence and began a life of service to society. Wars have also been fought between a Chola king and a Pandya king, between a Pandya king and a Chera king and the woeful, large scale destruction of properties and people cannot be adequately described in words. These wars took place years back and we know of these wars only from the pages of history and through inscriptions. There were wars fought with arrows. The soldiers were riding on elephants, camels and horses.

  The world has been the scene of devastating wars of colossal carnage resulting out of the most destructive battles between one nation and another just because a powerful nation unable to brook a small nation’s intransigence to its dictates wants to wreak vengeance on the weak, small nation. Enmity, anger and hate between two nations victimize innocent, poor, famished people who are utterly shocked suddenly by the unexpected destruction of their small property and the death of their close, beloved relatives who may be the breadwinners. Wars extending to several years have caused untold damages to life and property. In a natural calamity in the twinkle of an eye there is mass destruction. The estimates increase the death-toll and in a war the destruction of properties and human lives excel that following a natural calamity. Wars and natural calamities are the causes of destruction of vast areas and people’s life.

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Essay Writing – Vocational Education

It is viewed that education is at the cross roads now. The lack of employment opportunities for nth educated emphasizes that our education. Particularly, the arts and science degree courses are not employment-oriented. A degree holder is midway between a specialist and a student who has completed high school education. His educational base is shaky as he is not master of any subject but who has picked up the rudiments of a subject. So his educational qualification is not meritorious enough to suit the high requirements of the numerous-technology-based institutions. So in the present situation what is needed is promotion of education in a subject which is employment oriented. Even diploma courses in sciences like computer, engineering or information technology will be of help to students.

Nowadays most banks insist on first class graduates and many students who pass the degree courses have just the minimum pass marks. Candidates who sit for competitive examinations find it very difficult to fare well in the examination because the questions are tough. For recruitment in many institutions candidates who apply for jobs are expected to have scored high marks in the school or college examinations and fare well in group discussions with the top officers. Institutions have mushroomed everywhere offering degrees in engineering and medicine. For thousands of graduates rolled out every year the employment opportunities are quite few. This is the pathetic situation of today.

The educational system of today lays emphasis on technical skills. Keeping in mind the pace of growth of society we must add vocational courses in schools and colleges. A vocational course is a practical course of training in a particular profession that gives candidates skills in performing a technical or non-technical job efficiently and effectively. The goal of education is mainly to seek good employment. High school education or a degree does not help students to get jobs which fetch them good salary. Nowadays even degree holders with no specialized training in a technical or non-technical subject having tried for good jobs ultimately accept a small job in a Government or private institution.

Students should plan their educational course aiming at securing good jobs. However, financial problems of some students do not allow them to pursue higher education. Today banks offer loans to deserving students and with the assistance of banks students can study engineering courses or join of medical colleges. The academic institutions are too demanding and expect the students to study well and score very high marks. Students who get high ranks in examinations have the chance of being recruited for jobs in banks, government officers or in other private offices.

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Essay Writing – The Vagaries of Corruption

As the disease of cancer eats into the vitals of a human being, so does the cancer of corruption into the vitals of society. Corruption is thus comparable to cancer. Corruption has many denotations all of  which signify the most evil and the abhorrent. Corruption is widespread moral deterioration, corruption is use of corrupt practices, especially bribery or fraud, corruption is irregular alteration of a text, language etc., from its original state, corruption is decomposition. It is bribery that illegal gratification of a person who has shown favor by allotting something requires urgently. It is a pity that one cannot secure his rights just by guaranteed by the constitution without gratifying the avarice of some corrupt people. Corruption plays an important role in our social life and it has spread its vicious tentacles everywhere. Corruption is rampant in all walks of life.

Instances of corruption have rocked the nation now and then. The general feeling is that ministers, politicians and bureaucrats join hands in promoting corruption. Corruption has become a chain reaction and this means that the person at the lowest administrative level passes on a percentage of the bribe to persons higher up. Money given as bribe to a petty official changes hands till a certain percentage of it reaches at higher level. This is no concoction. How is it that bureaucrats with affixed income become multimillionaire? If you list the financial scandals and incidents of corruption in India in some decades they may number thousands. It is surprising that many officers and politicians who get involved in corruption go scot-free.

A world survey places India far down in the list of countries with a continuing history of corruption and yet we cannot be proud that India is not as corrupt as some other countries, especially the Scandinavian countries, where corruption is a common phenomenon. Bribing is but one aspect of the wide–tentacled Monster of Corruption. The financial Scandals in banks which are the custodians of people’s hard-earned money should be condemned outright. Such scandals make bring us to a pathetic state of affairs. If bureaucrats at the highest level are corrupt and cheat the gullible public, it should be said that the country’s position is at a low ebb.

It is shocking to realize that the Government contractors who finish some building projects, or erect some plants have to pay a certain amount to get their bills passed. A certain percentage of their profit goes to the clerk and other officers who are responsible for passing the bills. In the court premises there are many who have to be bribed if at all a legal matter is to be settled well. Nowadays admission to some schools, colleges, technical institutions and medical colleges is done by paying a heavy amount as bribe. Many politicians including ministers hold the record of being past criminals with a history of murders and corrupt practices. How can they ever be trusted?   The evil of corruption is to be wiped out from the face of the society if at all peace and righteousness to be preserved.

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Essay Writing – The Role of Newspapers

The news paper has become the common man’s window to the events happening around the world. A modern educated man cannot enjoy his morning cup of tea until he has the morning’s paper before him. It brings him news and views from all corners of the world. In modern times, news papers are considered to be the givers of information, news and views.

The primary function of newspaper is to provide information of all kinds. A successful newspaper caters to all kinds of readers-scientists, sportsmen, cinema fans, politicians, businessmen, lawyers and jobless workers anxiously looking up advertisements columns. It widens one’s knowledge and keeps one in touch with the advances made in the fields of science, education, medicine and technology. Besides their informative character, newspapers possess literary value. Articles by well-known writers, commentaries by great men, book reviews by able critics all fine their way into newspapers.

Newspapers are a very powerful means of a propaganda. The editorials and leading articles in a newspaper have great effect on its readers. Next in importance are the letters to the editor. These highlight for some problem and ask for immediate action. Most of the newspapers carry sports news every day. There are also columns on agriculture, education, industry and finance on fixed days of the week. Newspapers help in creating among the readers the spirit of goodwill and mutual understanding with other nations of the world.

Newspapers form and mould public opinion. They contain a lot of useful information regarding national and international events in political, social economic, scientific, religious and literary fields. The public remain in constant touch with the leading events in the world. Newspapers also mobilize public opinion on national issues and thus help in mass education. They make people aware of their duties and rights.

In a democracy, newspapers keep the people informed of the programs and policies of the government. Similarly, they keep the government informed of the desires, wishes, grievances, suggestions, and opinions of the people. Thus they bridge the gap between government and people. Newspapers have great educational value too. The latest reports regarding the researches made in science, discoveries made in various fields are published by them. The ideas and thoughts of famous thinkers, writers, poets, philosophers and scientists find expression in the newspapers. Newspapers find a very important role in the reconstruction and regeneration of a country by eradicating social, moral and economic evils prevailing in the society.

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Essay Writing – The Problems of Old Age

Old age is an integral part of human life. It is the evening of life. It is an unavoidable life, unwelcome and problem, ridden phase of life. Every one wish to live a long life, but not to become old it is ironical that however undesirable is the old age, it is bound to come in life. A man is compelled to go through the pain and pleasures of this age like the other phases of life before making an exit from this mortal world.

An old man is full of experiences and even the experiences and even though experiences are of immense help to the younger generation, he is upon an unwanted burden. He himself is caught in a terrible feeling of redundancy. Thinking of old age visions of loneliness and neglect emerge in the mind. The picture becomes all the more awesome with failing health and illness. A sense of despair glooms over all his pleasant feelings. Though it is true that no stage of life has its ever smooth sailing and every stage has its attendant problems, those of old age are more difficult and insurmountable because the physical strength and mental capability required to cope up with the adverse situations of life are immensely reduced. The situation becomes all the more difficult when one finds himself/ herself left alone without anyone to attend him.

Indeed loneliness and neglect associated with old age is a rather a recent phenomenon. It is the outcome of break up of the tradition of joint family system. Growing urbanization and fast moving modern life have contributed to the problem. Furthermore, the erosion of moral values has also aggravated the situation. Earlier, when life was simpler and values counted for more, those who reached a ripe old age held an enviable place in society where they could really release and enjoy the twilight years of life. They commanded great respect, regard, love and attention and were taken as source of inspiration, guidance and experience for the younger generation. These words of Elbert Hubbard are true to the situation, “where parents do too much for their children, the children will do not much for themselves.”

Every phase of life has its own problems which require which require prudence, wisdom courage and strength to attend to. In childhood and youth one has parents and other close elderly kith and kin to help, cooperate and guide. Besides, he himself has a lot of energy, strength, stamina and courage. But the situation takes a reverse turn in the old age. For his every work he needs someone to help. He becomes dependent on others largely due to his physical infirmity. He is, in fact, filled with a feeling of emotional insecurity.” He wants someone to take care of his needs helps from someone. But in this materialistic society, everybody is short of time. The problem gets accentuated especially as the world ceases to have any resemblance to what the elderly were accustomed to and changes at a bewildering pace with every passing moment.

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Essay writing – Students and Politics

There is a general feeling that in the modern world politicians have brought down the institution of politics to an area wrought with corruption, deceit, backbiting, manipulations, hooliganisms etc. it is precisely for these reasons that most people stay away from it. It is an issue to be debated. In most cases, although people have the talent and the inclination to make great strides in politics, they shun it due to a feeling of repulsion and regret. In such a scenario letting students to get involved in politics evokes trivial responses.

Students of today live in an age where impressions create honour and pride. Student power is like a double- edged sword. They are like raw clay and if moulded with the right ideals they can revolutionalize and turn a country from doldrums to the pinnacle of achievement and glory. But if misguided they could be problematic to the society and would result in a pitiable state wherein manpower and energy are wasted.

Most students are at crossroads trying to decide on the most suitable profession/career/stream of study in keeping with their aptitude and talents. Students’ involvement in politics at this stage would mean diverting their main attention from their academic pursuits, which at this point, is of prime importance. It may be argued that the infusion of youthful would go a long way in revamping the political system favour. But there is also a risk the students-being drawn into the current score of politics, wherein they will neither qualify themselves academically nor make a place for themselves in politics.

The youth hold promises for future in any society. Being young and energetic, students are a force to reckon with and channeling this force in the right direction under proper guidance for constructive purposes is absolutely important. Instilling the right values in them is of top priority. They need the acquisition of formal education, guidance from good teachers to make any distinction between the good and the bad.

It is worthwhile to remember that the prime task before a student is to complete his/her education only after fulfilling it could he/she enter the political scenario. Otherwise they would turn to gullible preys to political parties which would look upon them as huge beneficiaries to fulfill their vile motives. Politics as e saying goes is perhaps ‘the last resort of a scoundrel’. A studious person should be well aware of its malicious effect on his studies.

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Essay Writing – Role of Media in Democracy

Democracy is at the same time a form of government and a way of life. Abraham Lincoln defined Democracy as the government of the people, for the people and by the people. It is a system in which the sovereignty lies in the hands of the people as their elected representatives rule and run the country.

Articles 19-22 of our constitution give to the citizens the Right to Freedom as one of the Fundamental Rights. The right to freedom of expression enshrined therein gives the media not only a primary role but also a  paramount responsibility of expressing public opinion in an through a written word. The media has been made the essential instrument for ensuring openness in society in an attempt to polish, develop and civilize it by the process of analysis, discussion and synthesis. The role of media in a democracy assumes even greater significance when we recognize the fact that in society where an overwhelming majority of people are silent listeners, or spectators access to forum that constantly reaches others has to be viewed as a trust on their behalf for their progress and prosperity. The power of the media has been recognized for many centuries. This is evident from the fact that there have been attempts to control it from the time of the British rule over India.

The first Indian newspaper – Hickey’s Bengal Gazette of 1781 was banned by Warren Hastings. Fearing that the press may present his intrigues to the public, the Governor- General imposed government censorship on Indian papers which continued strictly till 1835 when Lord Metcalf brought in some liberation. In the year 1788, Warren Hastings was impeached by the British Parliament under the advocacy of famous political scientist and writer Edmund Burke. Hastings was acquitted in the impeachment because the judges were British and the sufferers at the hand of Hastings were Indians. The fact that Hastings was morally deprived and against the freedom of the press highlights the fact that the media has power to challenge and expose the mightiest. History tells us that State interference with the press did not disappear at any stage of the British rule. During the period of the partition of Bengal and Boycott and Swadeshi Movement there were severe restrictions on the media.

The oppression of the popular opinion and the restrictions on the media, in fact, go together. This is why the worst form of control of media was found in Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy.

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Essay writing Speech Topics – Moral Education

Education was once the exclusive responsibility of the state. In the constitutional Amendment of 1976, education was included in the Concurrent list. Since then, the central government continues to play a leading role in the evolution and monitoring of educational policies and programmes, the most notable of which are the National Policy of Education (NPE), 1986, and the Programme of action, 1986 as updated in 1992. The modified policy envisages a national system of education to bring about a uniformity in education, making adult education a mass movement, providing universal access, retention and quality in elementary education and expanding the structure of higher education.

  Moral education is not our priority. It is not included in any of the syllabi-viz. science, humanities. Morals or morality, broadly speaking, implies honesty of character, fairness in attitude and absence of evils like jealousy, hatred and greed from actions. Our system of education gives us formal knowledge of various types of subjects but does not teach us what is morality ad how to bring the characteristics related to it in our mindset. Our schools, colleges and universities are churning out millions of young graduates every year who are experts in some field of science, art, commerce or technology. No teaching or training is given to the students on moral values. What have been the results o this system of education? We have professionals in every field, but we have few people in society who have a high moral character.

  The society reflects our education. Many of our officials in public and private sectors are corrupt. The assets they have acquired are most often much higher than their known sources of income. We read about income tax raids and Central Bureau of Investigation raids on the residences of high officials. Wealth amounting to crores of rupees are recovered during these raids. We watch on TV channels the scams that are unearthed after regular intervals. What do these incidents reveal? They reveal that our greed has reached gigantic proportions. The attitude of government employees has become so indifferent to public also. This is nothing but stealth of time. As students they were taught to solve various types of questions. They were not taught how to serve the nation. They were not made aware of the happiness that one derives by working honestly and sincerely.

  The atmosphere in our schools, colleges and other institutions of education is full of competition. The students are taught to excel one another. Competition more often becomes so intense that it leads to rivalries, jealousy and hatred among class-fellows. It cannot be denied that competition is necessary to achieve higher goals. But it is totally undesirable if it breeds ill feelings. Our ancient universities of Nalanda and Patliputra created scholars of great repute like Kautilya in Economics and Susruta in Medicine, but they never used competition among the students to move ahead. There was a spirit of sacrifice for the sake of justice and fair play.

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Speech Topics – Issues Relating to Rising Prices

At present, India is faced with a host of problems of proportions urgency, and the problem of rising prices is one of the most serious serious problems that our country is confronted with. In the last five years or so, prices have been rises at a galloping pace. It is now the major national problem and it has eclipsed all other issues before the country. The problem is two fold to check further rise and, if possible, to bring the prices down.

 There are many causes for the rising prices. Economists are of the opinion that the growing economy of the country has given rise to the rising prices. Such an economy causes inflation. During inflation, purchasing power runs ahead of purchasable goods. In other words, the supply of money increases at once, but the supply of goods takes time to increase. During inflation hoarding taking place. This further accelerates the pace of prices. The home cost of goods increases. Foreign buyers will not be attracted to buy such goods. The result is that the foreign market is lost and much foreign exchange is lost. “The  value of currency falls”.

  Another cause for the rapid price rise is increase in population. This has further increased inflation. The production of goods is increasing slowly. The current consumption of goods is increasing because of population growth, resulting in price rise is that the production of consumption goods has been very slow. Higher targets were set to be achieved in defence and development. No considerations were given to the existing state of economy. The pressure on real resources has been increasing. The long-term projects have not yet borne fruit. But there has been investment has resulted in high prices. Yet another reason for rising prices is that the system of government such as ours is liable to inflation. Restraint cannot often be imposed on spending.

  What are the effects of rising prices? During periods of rising prices, the rich get richer and the poor poorer. The rich own the means of production. They pay the labourers handsomely. But they take back with left hand what they give with the right. The cost of goods swells up and the prices rise. Rising prices encourage hoarding, profiteering, black-marketing and corruption. They discourage export. They cause devaluation of currency. They also seriously disrupt the equitable distribution of wealth.

  Both long-term and short-term measures are to be adopted to check rising prices. These measures include an appeal mixed with threat to the sellers, raids on hoards, the seizing of black money, the cut of Rs.400 crores in central expenditure, the increase in bank rates to 5%, the opening of fair-price shops, the rationing of provisions, the import of food grains.

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Speech Topics – Disaster Management

Disaster is a common phenomenon in a human society. Man has experienced it since time immemorial. Though its form may be varied, it has been a challenge to society culture across castes, creeds, communities and countries. The latest development which has been discovered in the World Disaster have increased in frequency and intensity. People are becoming more and more vulnerable to disasters of all types, including earthquake, flood, cyclones, landslides, droughts, accidents, plane crashes, forest fires etc.

With technological advancement and progress, the force of disasters is also changing. When they occur they over power all preparedness and eagerness of society and pose bigger challenges. This is quite true in case of developed and developing countries. The floods in UK, France and heat wave in Europe, particularly in France in 2003. Claimed more than 35000 lives. In the year 2006, USA had to face bigger disaster in the form of tornadoes and cyclones which caused great loss to lives and prosperity. All these prove that technological mechanisms are inadequate to combat disasters.

There is a correlation between higher human development and higher preparedness. Countries which have lower human development and higher preparedness. Countries which have lower human development are more vulnerable to risks of disasters and damage. Of all the disasters, floods are the most common followed by wind storms, droughts and earthquakes. But the drought is the deadliest disaster which accounts for 48 per cent of all deaths from natural disasters. In Asia, the highest number of people dies from disasters. India, China and Bangladesh are the worst affected countries by floods. Besides the natural disasters, transport accidents and technological mishaps are also faced by many developing countries.

India due to its geographical peculiarities, is a highly disaster prone nation. Its long coastline, snow clad high peaks, high mountain ranges, the perennial rivers in the north all combine to add to this problem. India, which has only two per cent the total geographical area, has to support 16 per cent of the total world population. Hence there is a tremendous pressure on nature which directly or indirectly leads to the occurrence of disasters including floods, droughts, landslides, earthquakes etc.

Like human population, India has to support large cattle population, which heavily   depends on biomass and graze into forest areas. The forest cover with more than 0.4 density is 13 per cent of the land area, though forest, at present is 23 per cent. Due to overgrazing the quality of soil is also degrading thus resulting in soil erosion, silting or rivers, removal or fertile soil and heavy silting of cultivable land. We see heavy rainfall during the monsoon, sometimes 100 cm rain in 36 hours or getting the whole monsoon rain two to three days like the ones in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Kolkata. Disaster management has assumed great importance in recent times. To handle the situation efficiently, we need to be well-equipped with latest technologies. It cannot avert the situation, but can very well mitrigate its sufferings.

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Speech Topics – Combating Cyber Terrorism

Some problems that threaten the security of the individual and the State arise with the rapid growth of information technology. The focus has to be turned on the Critical Infrastructure Protection by all nations. Common among the infrastructures are the essential services like electricity, telephone connections, railway and traffic control, gas or oil transportation and so on. As infrastructures depend on IT their vulnerability has increased manifold.  As a concept Critical Infrastructure Protection or CIP was projected first in the USA in 1996 by the President, Bill Clinton, as a result of a high level commission report. The report proved the susceptibility and necessity of taking a closer look at protection provided to high priority infrastructures. George Bush was set up a special board after the September 11 attack on the World Trade Centre of USA.

Most of the developed and developing nations all over the world have woken up to the situation now and several countries like Canada, Sweden, Germany, Holland and Switzerland are falling in line with the US. There is a wing under the Defence and Intelligence Ministries of our Government and a special task force has been created for the purpose of counteracting cyber terrorism. Some of the Governments have multilateral agreements with other nations for sharing the resources. Although there is no global forum to tackle such issues our country has an exclusive forum to consult USA and fight back the menace of cyber terrorism. But the European Union Countries have a common federation.

  Our country has earlier faced a problem with Pakistan when Pakistan-backed defence hackers jammed our troop movement Communication system, giving false commands. Hence we need to set up an action plan on a war footing. The national security council is already in touch with several ministries to draw up plans. But the gap between our planning and implementation has always been long. Cyber space surveillance is on top priority. The paramilitary forces should be trained to provide security to agencies developing critical software applications. The vulnerability of cyber attacks and the cascading effect of critical interdependence infrastructures falling prey to this menace needs to be guarded against. All such organizations need to coordinate their cyber protection security and work in tandem.

  We are country which has already left its mark in the software world and our software prowess should be geared up for research and analysis. An emergency response strategy should be set up and it should be activated in case of need. We have a very advanced set-up in the Pune- Centre for development of advanced Computing (CDAC), which has successfully developed a parallel computer. This set-up should be the model agency and it should be given charge for developing critical software to tackle cyber terrorism. Terrorism is any mode and method needs to be given a deathblow. What is needed is a unified effort to combat cyber terrorism.

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Essay writing on Children – Promises of the Future

The wealth of a nation is dependent not merely on its economic and natural resources but it lies more on the kind and quality of the wealth of its children and youth. They are the creators and of a nation’s tomorrow. The children of today will be adults of tomorrow. Today’s students will be tomorrow’s lawyers, doctors, engineers, teachers, leaders and activists. Their quality and personality will determine the kind of destiny that beckons the nation.

It, therefore, becomes mandatory for every nation and every society to look after the children well. It is the responsibility of the adults to direct the children in the desired direction. The youth of a nation is a power-house. They have boundless energy and enthusiasm to mould the destiny of the nation. This infinite storehouse of energy has to be properly explored and utilized. The youth has to be named to use their talents and abilities in constructive ways and render help in nation-building and strengthening of it. Without harnessing this vast store of energy, a nation and a society cannot think of developing economically, politically, socially and intellectually. The best way to engage the youth into playing such a constructive role is to educate them with proper training in the desired direction.

If a society is careless and carefree about its children and fails to educate them in a productive manner, then the society is in danger. The trees and flowers of a garden have to be trimmed in order to make it look beautiful and appealing. Otherwise the plants and bushes will go haywire and spoil the beauty of the garden failing to bring out proper blossoms. Similarly a child has to be pruned of its baser instincts and trained in a proper manner in order to prepare to be beneficial to society. If proper and timely attention in not paid to the grooming of the youth, it would become unproductive.

For this, society should provide its youth with the right kind of education. The education provided should be progressive, in keeping with the needs of the society. Proper facilities and a conductive environment should be provided for fostering sound values among children. Stress should be on all round development of personality. Academics should be taken care along with adequate emphasis on sports, technical areas and other fields as per the interests of students. The government also does a lot to help build its youth into anchors of tomorrow. It provides many facilities regarding education, health care, sport, creative areas etc.

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Essay Writing – Black Money and Its Impacts

Black money is unaccounted money, illegally acquired wealth or other assets made through accepting bribery or other morally deprived acts. It may be in the forms of real estate, gold, jewellery, shares, bonds, securities, vehicles etc. Black money in India is estimated to be 200 million crores. It is also believes that black money to the tune of several crores is created every year. This reflects the magnitude of black money market in India. The creation of black money is mostly through the avoidance of income and sales taxes. Lack of proper maintenance of accounts on the part of the businessman leads to the accumulating large amount of unaccounted wealth.

Black money is also created through illegal trades. Income obtained through smuggling of gold, brown sugar, narcotics and other goods which cannot be sold in black money. Despite a tight vigil by the Board Security force, goods worth crores of rupees are smuggled from and into India every day. In this way the smuggles secure millions of rupees as black money. At least certain political in India hold a large amount of black money. They have assets north over several crores of rupees. People in power collect money, mainly from big businessmen for allotment of petrol pumps, plots of commercial land, licenses for doing particular business like liquor contracts, setting up Special Economic Zones, etc. During their tenure they amass large sums of money.

As black money is illegally acquired money it is devoid of tax restrictions. Large amount of money which should have gone to the government coffers go to the personal accounts of black marketers. If the government has received this money it would have used it to take up new projects of development or would have completed ongoing projects.

Black money is docile money. It does not play any economic function. If the black money lying idle reaches the government, there will be faster development. Keeping and transferring black money is another way of corruption. As it is devoid of tax restrictions it should not help in anyway both the government and the society. If it comes to the government treasury it may help to the people in many ways.

Some people believe that the black money in India is creating a parallel economy worth thousands of millions of rupees. It is also performing an important economic function. This money creates demand for goods and services helping the industry and producers of services. Despite these arguments, one has to say that the accumulation of black money is a poor reflection on our society.

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