Essay Writing – Corporal punishment in Schools

It is an age-old saying that “Spare the rod, spoil the child” which means that physical punishment is the only way to mend the wrong doings of a child. It says that hitting a child for his mistakes can correct him. It is said that framing the character of a child is similar to making an earthen pot because it needs encouragement and support from within but also needs to be patted and corrected from the outside when there are faults. This way, the child is believed to become a person of substance with high ideals. It has been an age old practice in old methods of teaching to punish a child for his mistakes by hitting him or giving his physical punishment of other forms. In the ancient times, the students always feared such punishment and tried not to repeat such mistakes. The teachers always aimed to give proper training to their students and at the time were concerned about them and took care not to hurt them badly. The teacher- student relationship was that of respect and admiration in exchange of care and enlightenment.

Today, this relationship has been changed in various aspects. With the commercialization of education, the quality of teaching has gone down in some cases. Some teachers tend to inflict plain intentionally to their students for mistakes that can be rectified in a milder way. They tend to resort to extreme corporal punishment to correct a child. Corporal punishment, according to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, refers to any punishment in which physical force is used and intended to cause some degree of pain or discomfort. The intention of such punishment might be to correct the child and teach him a lesson, but it can also have a negative impact of humiliation and social embarrassment for the child. It can also make the child adamant, stubborn and rebellious. This might rather drift him towards more wrong acts instead of correcting him. Also, it instills a fear in the minds of some students and makes them reluctant towards learning or going to school. Many cases where corporal punishment has led the student to take drastic steps like suicidal attempts have been highlighted by the media. Many such teachers who resort to brutal immoral practices of inflicting pain into students have had to face serious scrutiny.

Many countries like Canada, Kenya, New Zealand, South Africa etc. have banned all forms of corporal punishment all over the nation. Many Indian schools take care not to resort to any such physical mode of punishment. Instead, measures like counseling or constructive hobbies are taken up to teach morals and values to students and even increase their comfort level at schools. The teachers are required o maintain a friendly and interactive atmosphere in their classes.

Corporal punishment, though not illegal in our country, yet it is avoided by most teachers.

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Essay Writing – Prevention of Road Accidents

Road accidents are mishaps that can occur on the roads involving vehicles or pedestrians owing to various factors. Every day, we come across news about such accidents that claim lives and cause casualties. It causes loss of lives and also social and individual property. It damages roads and often poses a problem for many people who commute through the same route daily.

The various reasons are unawareness about the traffic rules and road regulations. Some people tend to be careless and ignore the road rules intentionally to travel faster. Moreover, old roads and poor quality roads can pose a threat to the traffic running over them. Road congestion and traffic jams can lead to mishaps too. There have been cases of drunken driving and consequent accidents. Such carelessness and immature attitude on roads can cost lives.

Road rules are something every person should learn in his childhood and should implement them during his lifetime. The basic rules of not playing around on the road, walking on the footpath, crossing the road carefully from the zebra crossing or subways are taught to us as children and we should be careful to follow them always. As drivers, we should take care of the road sign boards and the basic rules of driving. There is a speed limit assigned to every area which should not be violated in any situation. Seat-belts should be secured and the vehicles should slow down in residential and institutional areas.

Two-wheelers like scooters and bikes are more vulnerable to accidents as thy can lose balance easily if not ridden carefully. Wearing helmets, maintaining safe speed limit and riding in the special lane allotted to two-wheelers if possible; these are some steps which can be taken care of by individuals. Youngsters should not be allowed to ride or drive vehicles unless they are professionally trained and have a legal driving license for the purpose. Heavy-duty vehicles and commercial vehicles should not ply in residential and institutional areas. Moreover, such vehicles should not be allowed to ply on by passes and highways after a certain moment. They should not be allowed to cross a certain speed limit because it is difficult to control them due to their large size and mass. There should be a different lane for bicycles, cycle-rickshaws, carriages and carts so that they do not interfere with the automobile traffic. Besides these rules, quality of the roads and the infrastructure of the place also matters a lot. Flyovers, bridges and wide roads should be constructed in congested and heavily populated cities to avoid road mishaps. The quality of the materials used for constructing these roads should be tested and only good quality materials should be used. Road-traffic police can also play an important role in avoiding accidents by doing their duty sincerely. They should take care that all rules are followed and should regulate the traffic systematically to avoid any confusion on the roads.

Such steps if taken care of can help avoid road mishaps and make travelling and commuting from one place to another safer.

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Essay Topics – Indian Governance

India is one of the largest democracies in the world. It has the largest multi-party democratic government in the world. Indian governance is based on democratic principles. With ideals of sovereignty, equality and secularism, the Indian constitution is the basis of the governance followed in our country. India is an independent republic that has grown as a multi-cultural nation with time. The formation and functioning of our government is a systematic and defined procedure that has been followed since the constitution was framed in 1950.

After the end of the British rule, all political leaders, visionaries and intellectuals who intended to run the country, framed the constitution and formed the first government of our nation. A president was elected with tenure of 5 years. The prime minister was elected for five years too. A cabinet of ministers was formed where everyone was given individual matters to look after and resolve. Issues like education, health sector, finance and economy and many other sectors were addressed individually and a ministry was set up for each. Many government organizations and bodies were formed and all of them acted cooperatively and mutually to make the government a success. With time, many political parties sprung up, many new issues were addressed and many more agendas were covered. With India growing as a global economy, external affairs were given a lot of importance and the Indian government signed coalitions and international bonds with many other countries. It formed a mutual support and trust with many countries. Today, India is one of the strongest economies and boasts of one of the most successful governments in the world. It has successfully managed to take care of all significant national, international, social, political, economic and cultural issues. Though it has faced many failures at various stages, it has managed to resurface as a successful government. Today it provides the masses with the right and freedom to express their opinions without fear, roam around the country freely and even practice any religion without any fear. It has also framed laws and taken initiatives to eliminate many social vices existing in our society.

Our government has various disadvantages and drawbacks owing to the fact that it is a multi-party democratic government model. There is a tendency of large arguments and deliberations leading to arguments due to the various opinions of the different people running the government. Corruption among the officials can lead to inefficiency of the government. Though, there is a certain extent of transparency between the masses and government, there needs to be a more cordial relationship between the public and the administration.

Thus, we see Indian governance is a success though not a complete success. The drawbacks if covered up can do better to our government.

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Speech Topics – Child Abuse in India

Child abuse is a social evil that has prevailed since ages and is still continuing in the present modern society. Children of all age groups are exploited in various ways. In rural and urban areas alike, many of them are robbed off their right to study and have a peaceful childhood. They are forced to toil hard and work in filthy dangerous conditions to earn a meager amount for their families. Many children are blinded intentionally or have their limbs chopped off and are made to beg on the streets. We have heard cases of children working in fireworks and glass factories. Many children are made to work as domestic helps in urban homes. Besides child labor, we have often heard of cases where children are kidnapped and hit almost to unconsciousness for not being able to work properly. Juvenile crime is also a result of the exploitation of children. Children working in factories and mines etc. are vulnerable to chronic diseases, toxic wastes and ailments. They survive on dumped and garbage scrap for food. Many children find shelter in pipes or in broken construction sites. Many documentaries, movies and articles have covered incidents of child abuse. National and local dailies are flooded with news of exploitation of children of age groups. Media has played an important role in highlighting this social issue.

The reason child abuse is still practiced in large numbers is primarily poverty. The vices like poverty, illiteracy and unemployment force and drag families and their children into the vicious circle of child exploitation. Many rural families force their children to work because of dearth of money and proper facilities. There are communities where all the children are sent off to towns and cities to earn money by doing odd jobs and send it home. Crime and corruption among the administrative people, authorities and officials create greater difficulties for these people. The funds diverted for their betterment often disappears among these officials itself and they reap no benefits. The laws and rules framed against child exploitation stay only on paper and are not implemented due to the inefficiency of our government officials. Unawareness among the families of these children adds to the causes.

Many NGOs have started taking initiatives to educate such children and their families. UNESCO and UNICEF have educated villages as a whole and created employment opportunities for them. Such initiatives coupled with individual initiatives from the families and people involved can help eliminate such problems.

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Discussion Topics – Brain Drain from India

Brain drain is a global phenomenon that refers to flow of human resource in bulk from one country to another. With the beginning of globalization, ideas, opinions, skill in the form of labor started being exchanged between nations. India has been undergoing large amount of this outflow of its human capital and talent in the past few decades. The human capital in terms of skill, ideas, labor and intelligence is being transferred to countries abroad from India since ages. Today, Indians constitute majority of large organizations like NASA, California Laboratory etc. There are many Indians at high posts in global firms and companies. Indians constitute most of the highest brains in the world. There are many reasons for which we have been seeing this trend. Brain drain is thus a phenomenon which can be a loss to our country if not regulated.

Many factors account for the drain of the human resource. One of the most important factors is the work culture and professional atmosphere abroad. Many social evils like discrimination, workspace assaults, gender based reservation and social bias make the atmosphere unfriendly for work. Moreover, Corruption makes the work spaces unfriendly for many. There have been cases where undeserving people are preferred over more deserving and talented people for incentives, perks and bonuses. Also, the lifestyle and the social life seem to be better to many young professionals. The professional and social life, both seem to be rewarding. Growth opportunities are vast. Talent and capability is often rewarded with huge bonuses. Studies say that Indians are one of the most hard-working, dedicated and sincere. This accounts for one of the reasons there is a huge demand for them in the foreign work culture. Many scientific, technological or business ideas and inventions have had an Indian origin and have been accredited abroad.

Though this brain drain might have benefitted individuals, it has also made communities suffer racial discrimination in some countries. The countries abroad even miss a cultural richness and a sense of belongingness that is attached to ones’ native country. As a result, people working and settled abroad often miss out on social gatherings and festivals celebrated in their home country. They even lack a sentiment that is attached to our native country.

Today, the Government and private firms are aiming towards a better and friendlier atmosphere to create better conditions for their employees. Discrimination and bias at work places are tried to eliminate by making laws and implementing them. Incentives are given to stop youngsters from going abroad in search of work. Today, people from countries like the USA, the UK etc. come to India for higher studies and then work. Thus, we see a reversal in the trend of brain drain gradually. Thus, if a balance is maintained between nations and a healthy interaction is created, we shall definitely reap the benefits of this aspect of globalization.

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Unemployment and Underemployment

Speech topics

The importance of literacy has been recognized both by the government and the people. People are the wealth of a country but the illiterate people are a burden to the country. Though it is the illiterate who are mostly unemployed, thousands of well educated young men and women roam from pillar to post seeking a good job. Education is the passport to a job but this is proving false nowadays. The unemployment problem grows more and more severe each year. The jobs available are quite disproportionate to the large number of educated youths seeking employment.Speech topics

Underemployment is as serious a problem as unemployment. It is not very sad that a B.E graduate works in an office as a clerk? He should have a job and the post to which he is appointed is an underestimation of his educational qualification. He should get a monthly salary and when no good job is available to him despite his best efforts he has to reconcile himself with what he gets.

When India attained independence fifty percent of the people were below the poverty line. With the increasing unemployment problem there is increasing poverty. More and more educational institutions, especially medical and engineering colleges are spring up. Every year a relatively a large number of students pass out from these institutions. But providing suitable job positions for most of them is very difficult. When failing to secure a good job many start small businesses. How many have achieved success in business enterprise?

In the rural areas the unemployment problem is acute. Agriculturists who form the majority of the population of villages have employment only during a particular season. They have only seasonal employment and they idle away their time during the time when they have no work. They are left without any income and depend largely on their parents for their food and clothes.

In the urban areas even able-bodied youths take up jobs like selling snacks, vegetables or flower. Many of them say that they want to be independent by doing petty business. They seek freedom but they do not want to be in a good job. They are forced to be contented with their low income. The story of these youths is an instance of underemployment. As already mentioned wealth of a nation is its people and each citizen of a nation should earn well to make up for its gross wealth. The employment of a greater number of people will increase the per capita income of the people.

India is a land of villages and the nation’s poor economic status is largely accountable for the poor economic status of the rural areas. There is a great divide between the urban and rural areas and therefore there is a great disparity in the life-style and economic status between the urban and rural areas. The urban areas should create more avenues of employment for the poor village folk. The literacy concept should be well embedded in the minds of the rural people. The time has come when no longer the rural people can live segregated without the benefits of education and without being well employed. It is not possible by everybody in the village to depend on agricultural income alone. While agriculture is the mainstay of the villagers the second and third generation people of a village family can seek jobs in the urban areas to great extent.

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India In My Dreams

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We are all used to dreaming and enjoy doing it. The pleasures of building castles in the air are untold and infinite. At times some people sit and discuss about the current political and socioeconomic situation and give their own news and suggestions about the problems facing the country. What kind of a country do we dream of? All of us being inhabitants of citizens of our country naturally dream of the kind of a country that we desire for. We even dream of building a kind of country as we hope it to be.Speech topics

India is a country with an amazing diversity. With the onset of the new millennium, historians, sociologists and other experts predict that only three Asian countries seem to be having the potential of taking Asia to great heights i.e., India, China and Japan, Japan is of course economically challenging but China and India seem to be more dominating and promising because of their impressive size and man power, India marching gloriously ahead after her independence, is emerging as a force to reckon with. But a lot needs to be done on the home front with illiteracy, population explosion, poverty, unemployment, corrupt politicians etc. Besides this, we have failed to provide basic needs of to all the citizens like safe and clean drinking water, housing, sanitation, a square meal a day, medical facilities etc. moreover, the problem of malnutrition, AIDS etc, are growing day by day. According to the report of WHO about lakh Indians were suffering from AIDS at the beginning of the millennium and by 2010 if sufficient measures are not taken India will overtake Africa in HIV infection status.

The India of my dreams may appear impracticable and a little too imaginative to many but then this is what I hope my country to be. In the land of my dreams, the suffering millions and the burden of poverty will be non existent. The ever-widening gap between the rich and the poor will be bridged. Education will be free and compulsory and there will be complete law and order. Crime and violence will be curbed and reason will reign all over. Every citizen will be able to express his/her ideas. No one would be deprived of justice. Everyone will live with dignity. There will be equal rights for everyone-no discrimination between rich and the poor, high or low, man or woman.

Science and technology will reach every village, town and city. Computer literacy will be a haven for scientists. We will produce our own products with indigenous technology. The country will be self-reliant in technology and everything else. All citizens will be swayed only by one emotion-patriotism. Thus, India of my dreams would be strong and self-reliant economically and strong in its defense, politically astute, socially civilized, non-communal, secular, educated and united.

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Essay topics

Music is an art form which is widely recognized and appreciated all over the world irrespective of the region. It forms an integral part of all cultures and civilizations. It has now transformed into an industry because many people earn their livelihoods through music. Music thus has a social value attached to it and also has a cultural and economic significance. The history of music is interesting and vivid. Though there is no specific origin of this art form, but still it was introduced to the humans long ago.

Essay topics

Music was basically a luxury once only enjoyed by the royalties. In many places, people engaged in making music had to face social stigma as it was considered to be a thing of shame. Many other civilizations promoted music as an act of religious importance and the people related to music were held in high pristine. Thus, we see that music was welcomed with mixed responses. With the promotion of this art form all over the world, the tastes and the opinions of the people changed gradually and it gained appreciation all over the world. Music includes both vocal music and instrumental. There are many types of music indigenous to many regions and cultures. From western English music to African and Arabian music to the various genres of Indian music, there is a wide range to suit all tastes.

Today music plays an important role in our lives. It is a mode of recreation, an art industry, means of expression and also a matter of pride for many societies. Playing an instrument, be it the guitar or the table is one of the most pursued recreational activity. It not only helps us use our time effectively but is an efficient stress buster. Musicians and bands all over the world create and edit music and promote it to earn appreciation and their livelihoods. They even intend to express their opinions and emotions about issues close to them through music. Michael Jackson was one such legendary singer who voiced his views through music. Many societies also attach their cultural sentiments to their own music and is thus of great significance to them.

Many Indian societies consider music to be a form of worship. Thus, music is widely recognized and respected these days. But, music is being commercialized these days. A lot of money is minted through the music industry. This should not affect the quality of the music. Music is also a subject of study these days. Thus, we can conclude that music is truly important for each one of us.



Essay topics

Films are one effective method of reaching out to the masses and to spread our views among them. Started off as a new venture for the purpose of entertaining people, films have now affected almost all parts of our lives by depicting almost all social, economic, political and socio-cultural issues. While some of them have an educative value attached to them, some are entertaining, and some others are documentaries which depict realities about certain sensitive issues and aim at solving out the matters by reaching out to the masses and the authorities responsible.

The films made for a commercial purpose of entertainment all over the world now form an integral part of most of the peoples’ lives and their leisure activities. Films belonging to various genres like drama, comedy, action are made every year which attracts numerous viewers from different sections of the society. Every year there are award functions to felicitate such movies and appreciate them for their work. Oscar awards are one such prestigious academy awards.

Essay topics

Documentaries are one category of films which are pictured with the motive of bringing out the reality about various day to day issues and depicting them to the masses with the aim of finding a solution to those problems. Such films are non-commercial and non-profit productions.

Films which have an educative value attached to them are produced to add meaning to the media industry. There have been many films made on matters of environmental concern, or creating a social awareness, or creating cultural or economic awareness among the masses. Not just the content of the movies, even the entire process of making a film and releasing it for public viewing is quite enthralling and interesting. The amount of researches and studies done about a matter is in itself a learning experience for its makers.

Films have many other benefits. They bring together people from different sections of the society and different walks of life. Being an integral part of the media industry, they provide us with a platform or interface  to exhibit our talent and interest too. Films are also a matter of national pride when they are recognized and viewed worldwide. They are thus a complete entertainment and educational package with many other values attached to it.



Essay topics

Illiteracy is one social vice which is a result of most other social evils and even a cause of many of them. It forms a vicious cycle of dire conditions and helplessness which often traps the rural societies of India. It is referred as the condition of lack of basic education and knowledge among the masses due to several reasons. India has a high rate of illiteracy of around 26 percent which is responsible for its erratic economic and cultural position on the global scenario.Essay topics

Illiteracy is mainly the result of poverty and dearth of facilities coupled with the rural orthodox social outlook of India. Many people cannot afford the expenses of basic education even if it has been subsidized and made free. Moreover, there exists this mentality that girls need not be educated and deserve to do house-hold chores because the males are considered to be the bread-earners in our patriarchal society while the females are asked to stay back at home. Though this outlook is changing with the development of the nation, many other factors contribute to the high illiteracy in our country. One such factor is corruption. Corruption in the administrative level lead to the failure of many governmental and nongovernmental initiatives which aim at educating one and all in the country. Moreover, lack of employment opportunities, over-population and degradation in the quality of education in India these days account for the status-co of the society. Rising prices of the commodities also force people to drop out of schools and colleges to find means of earning livelihood to make both ends meet.

As we discuss the causes, we see that even the effects and results of illiteracy are similar. Due to large number of uneducated masses, the human population cannot turn into a useful resource and thus cannot contribute to the economic growth of our country. This leads to a low demographic dividend. Moreover, ignorance about the basic rights and principles of a citizen of the country leads to added corruption among the authorities and officials at any level. We also notice illiteracy leading to deteriorating health conditions of people as they are unaware about it. It leads to promotion of blind faiths, fads, misconceptions and superstitions in the society. Lack of awareness also deteriorates the cultural richness of our country as we cannot take proper care of it.

Thus we see, illiteracy is a social evil that shall encircle our country in darkness and downfall if not curbed. Thus, we are now making efforts by taking initiatives to teach everyone. Campaigns, clubs, evening schools and forums take steps forward to teach specific issues to specific sections of the society. NGOs and international organizations are also implementing laws and providing facilities and funds to help educate each person. All we need is cooperated and sincere efforts to fight this problem.



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Out of all the countries we see on the globe, India boasts of the most diverse and vivid culture and heritage. The India subcontinent is an abode to numerous civilizations each with a different and captivating history. India is known for its cultural richness and thus attracts many scholars from all over the world to study the diversity of our nation.

The cultural diversity is reflected in the food, art forms and lifestyles of people all over the country. Each region has its own cuisine and art forms which are known worldwide.While Kashmir boasts of rich spicy food and mesmerizing natural beauty of the hills and valleys; Kerala attracts people from all over the world because of its beautiful beaches, backwaters and traditional food served on banana leaves. While the seven sisters viz. the north eastern states are known for their spices, tea and crafts, Rajasthan boasts of a colorful desert life and culture. Thus we see a wide range of vivid cultures as we roam around in the country.essay topics

The reason behind such a diverse ethnicity and culture in India dates back to its histories and beginning of civilization. From the Indus valley civilization in Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro, to the great Mughal rule in India, we have retained a part of all these cultures which accounts for the mixed traditions, languages, life styles, cultures and societies in India. Moreover, the people from the western countries who ruled over parts of India, left behind a part of their ethnicity which were adopted by us and thus became a part of our culture as well. Also, many people had come to our nation for different purposes from all over the world, and settled down here. Generations after generations the traditions have been inherited and have become an integral part of the Indian multiculturalism. Today we boast of about different languages and dialects all over the country. Each region has its own ancient literature, art forms, industries and traditions which are related to their origin. Various literature texts and scriptures are found all over the country in various scripts which are an evidence of the diverse history India has had. Another facet in which this aspect of India is reflected is its ancient architecture and monuments. India is a land of temples and forts and amazing architecture. From the magnificent Taj Mahal in Agra built by Shah Jahan to the beautiful temples of Madurai, each of the monuments have a different captivating story behind it which adds to the beauty of these monuments.

The heritage of India is not only an attraction to tourists but also scholars and archaeologists from all over the world who come to study the beauty of diversity in our country.



speech topics

Discrimination on the basis of gender has been an age-old social evil in our country. It is one vice of our society that has changed forms but has remained in all walks of life. There is a prejudice against women and they are often deprived of advantages which are provided to the males. Ours is a patriarchal society which follows the principle of favoring men over women everywhere irrespective of circumstances.

Since the beginning of human civilization in India, women have been considered to be the weaker section of the society and were never given a chance to grow and develop. Discrimination in its extreme form was seen in the form of Sati-Pratha where the wife was supposed to burn herself in the funeral pyre of her husband. A man was never asked to do so for his wife. Widows were boycotted and their presence was considered inauspicious. Women would have to face extreme domestic discrimination. They would not be allowed to study or work like the male of the house would. They would stay in their houses all day long doing domestic chores. They did not enjoy any recreational activity and lived a miserable life. With time, as the country opened up to the world, a lot changed and improved for women. Reformers like Vivekananda took initiatives for the betterment of women. They enjoyed the right to education and could now express themselves on the social front. Women started working to earn their livelihood and started to match up with their male counterparts.speech topics

As time went by, women started reaching up to almost all walks of life and started filling up male dominated jobs like the army and other defense services. Women have even performed better than males in many walks of life. We see women as heads of big organizations. Today though they have reached great heights academically and socially, they still have to be subject to discrimination on the professional front. The pay scale and benefits given to males for a particular job is often higher than that given to women for the same work. Crime rates of sexual harassment in the society or at the work place are still high. Moreover, many rural parts have still not opened up to the idea of gender equality.

The main reasons for this gender bias are illiteracy and social backwardness. Poverty has forced many people not to provide benefits to the females in the family. Women thus have to face a social stigma in some form or the other.

Many reforms and laws have made conditions better for women. The government has strived to reserve seats for girls and women in the academic, professional and administrative fields. Helplines are opened for the safety and security of women. Stronger reforms are needed to help women walk with their heads high in the society.



essay topics

Technology is a term coined for defining all applications of science and knowledge to practical life. From the invention of wheel and fire to the manufacture of new big machines; everything is a contribution of technological inventions and advancements. Man, being the most intelligent animal keeps searching for new possibilities of scientific discoveries and keeps applying them to his life thus advancing with time.essay topics

Technology has made human survival much more convenient and simple and has added many luxuries to our lives. It has made many things possible which could not even be imagined once upon a time. It has made round-the-earth sea voyages possible and has even helped man to reach out to the most distant celestial bodies of the universe. It has also made producing tons of goods in a very less time possible. Almost every other thing we do or use in our day is a technological contribution. We can say that if we remove technology from our lives, we may have to live like other animals roaming around on the earth.debate topics

On one hand if technology has made our existence simpler, it has also added a lot of disadvantages to it. Due to the numerous luxuries and comforts it has provided us, it has made us completely dependent on machines and has made our lives sedentary and unhealthy. Since all the work can now be done on the press of a button or sometimes even by verbal commands to machines, man has stopped working mechanically and relies on machines for the simplest errands. This has led to many diseases like obesity, diabetes, lethargy, fatigue and much more. Man has become a slave of machines and the time is not far when machines shall start ruling over humans.

We call this era to be the machine age because of the miraculous machines that have been invented and are being used. But we should not depend on them completely as this is known that machines and scientific advancements are a product of human intelligence and we should not let that overtake us completely as it tends to deteriorate the quality of our lives if not used judiciously and wisely.

Technology is definitely an asset if used wisely and sustainably keeping in mind the quality of our lives. It is upon us if we use it as a boon or a bane.


The Influence of Television on youth

Essay topics

The influence of TV on the life of today’s youth is unbeatable. The variety of programs being telecast is it regional or international is mind boggling. Television is an extraordinary medium that brings the entire world into your living room. Its accessibility makes it more powerful-it is there at the touch of a button. It is a 24/7 medium. Its visual impact leaves a lasting impression on the young minds which are susceptible. TV is the windows to their world since magazines or cinema certainly do not exert the same impact as TV on them.Essay topics

The content of TV programs leaves a lot to be desired. Hence to expect it to instill moral, ethical or positive values is asking for too much. It is appalling to note that even gruesome scenes do not elicit much of a response from the young viewers whose mind seems to be attuned to it; having had an overdose of it. Their way of dressing, eating, conversing and even the music they listen to is largely influenced by the English serials and sitcoms and music channels they tend to watch.

Essay writing TopicsThere is an overdose of violence, sex and glorification of things that appeal to the youth. The content of violence can be influenced by the children and as well as the youth. And there is a tendency to imitate by both the youth and children, what they have seen in the cinemas. And they must try to do in real in some situations of life from the false knowledge by cinemas. And there should be a tendency to grow the intrusion in the society also a problem. The effect of serials made the youth to become addicted to the TV. And the overdoses of the sex in some channels like fashion channels must affect badly in the youth. At times it is also due to a false sense of moving ahead with the times that makes them follow this culture.

Sports and news programs however do not corrupt the mind. But too much of sports is definitely harmful. TV viewing in excess making many among the youth of today into couch potatoes.

Parent restrictions on TV viewing by children have brought out little outcome as anything on which sometime some kind of strict control is imposed is liable to set in a negative impact. It is the responsibility of the grown up in the household to generate a sense of discretion in TV viewing to be selective in watching programs brought out by various channel operators.

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Value of Discipline

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 “There is not to make reply,

  Theirs not  to reason why,

  Theirs but to do and die”

These famous lines by Lord Alfred Tennyson, emphasizes the place of discipline in the army and during times of war. It is obvious that no army can function and no battle can be fought successfully if every soldier wants to know the reasons behind his superior’s orders or if he argues with him about the necessity of his order.essay writing Topics

Discipline is necessary not only in the army but also in every organization, in every walk of life, in every activity. In order to understand what discipline is. For any walk that is to be done, an individual must have before him a goal, and a purpose. The goal can best be achieved if the work is done in the most efficient way with complete concentration. One has to devote his time, energy, resources to the activity. Strict obedience to the required rules for any work or activity is called discipline.

Since adults are supposed to have some self-control, they can on their own, obey the necessary rules of work or activity. Hence discipline comes to them automatically. It is internal. But children are not in a position to understand the necessity of obeying certain rules, or even if they do understand, they may be swayed by immediate or unimportant interests or diversions. So discipline has to be included in them. It is external. Children must accept the authority of their parents and teachers and obey their orders or instructions seriously.Essay topics paragraph writing on discipline

Discipline, whether it is internal or external, requires a great deal of self-control. But it never restricts or reduces one’s freedom. On the contrary, it makes freedom all the more meaningful and creates the necessary conditions in which freedom can be exercised or enjoyed. Discipline is like the banks of the river which do not obstruct the flow of its water but make it possible for the river to flow smoothly with proper force in the desired direction. Similarly, discipline makes it possible for the individual to utilize his time, energy and resources in a better way to achieve the desired results.

Discipline makes all the difference between success and failure, progress and stagnation. Discipline is the very foundation on which success in any activity or work is based. The great writer Edmund Spencer has said, ” A stern discipline pervades all nature, which is a little cruel that it may be very kind.”

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