Speech Topics – Combating Cyber Terrorism

Some problems that threaten the security of the individual and the State arise with the rapid growth of information technology. The focus has to be turned on the Critical Infrastructure Protection by all nations. Common among the infrastructures are the essential services like electricity, telephone connections, railway and traffic control, gas or oil transportation and so on. As infrastructures depend on IT their vulnerability has increased manifold.  As a concept Critical Infrastructure Protection or CIP was projected first in the USA in 1996 by the President, Bill Clinton, as a result of a high level commission report. The report proved the susceptibility and necessity of taking a closer look at protection provided to high priority infrastructures. George Bush was set up a special board after the September 11 attack on the World Trade Centre of USA.

Most of the developed and developing nations all over the world have woken up to the situation now and several countries like Canada, Sweden, Germany, Holland and Switzerland are falling in line with the US. There is a wing under the Defence and Intelligence Ministries of our Government and a special task force has been created for the purpose of counteracting cyber terrorism. Some of the Governments have multilateral agreements with other nations for sharing the resources. Although there is no global forum to tackle such issues our country has an exclusive forum to consult USA and fight back the menace of cyber terrorism. But the European Union Countries have a common federation.

  Our country has earlier faced a problem with Pakistan when Pakistan-backed defence hackers jammed our troop movement Communication system, giving false commands. Hence we need to set up an action plan on a war footing. The national security council is already in touch with several ministries to draw up plans. But the gap between our planning and implementation has always been long. Cyber space surveillance is on top priority. The paramilitary forces should be trained to provide security to agencies developing critical software applications. The vulnerability of cyber attacks and the cascading effect of critical interdependence infrastructures falling prey to this menace needs to be guarded against. All such organizations need to coordinate their cyber protection security and work in tandem.

  We are country which has already left its mark in the software world and our software prowess should be geared up for research and analysis. An emergency response strategy should be set up and it should be activated in case of need. We have a very advanced set-up in the Pune- Centre for development of advanced Computing (CDAC), which has successfully developed a parallel computer. This set-up should be the model agency and it should be given charge for developing critical software to tackle cyber terrorism. Terrorism is any mode and method needs to be given a deathblow. What is needed is a unified effort to combat cyber terrorism.

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Terrorism and the World

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Terrorism is the biggest evil of the 21st century world. It has been compared to a pest which gradually devours the world socially, economically and culturally. Terrorism is often referred as large scale destruction with the motive of instilling fear in the masses or for completion of demands of a certain section of people. The large scale destruction of property and national possessions leads to an economic setback. The large number of losses of peoples’ lives and the casualties not only causes an emotional trauma but also brings the world to a standstill.Essay topics

There are various reasons people might resort to terrorism. It might be because a certain section of people might have been neglected by the authorities and many of their demands might have been ignored. It may also be because a certain section of people might have faced a lot of public humiliation and torture which gives rise to anger and frustration. Also, cultural and social minority, poverty, need for a respectable life, religious vulnerability and illiteracy and ignorance are factors more and more innocent people tend to resort to this social evil.

Let us take the instance of the spine-chilling incident of the Twin Tower attack in Washington D.C. often referred to as the 9/11 attack. The people responsible for the attack had certain social, political and cultural needs which had been neglected by the worlds’ super powers. Thus, out of insecurity, vulnerability, and anger they thought of creating and instilling fear in the minds of the people. They also intended to make their demands clear to the world. Though their intentions were harmless, their methods were wrong.

Terrorism is thus a result of correct intentions but immoral practices. The powerful countries might be responsible for it. What is to be done on their part is that they should respect the minority groups and respect their demands, needs and insecurities. They should figure out a method of negotiating with them so that their demands are heard out and then, a sustainable solution should be found such that it doesn’t cause any loss to anyone.

Terrorism needs to be curbed and combatted before it gives rise to another world war. Organizations like the United Nations Organization play a vital role in bringing all the countries together and giving them a platform to voice their issues and sort them out mutually and systematically. Governments all over the world should be more responsible and fight against terrorism unitedly. The people resorting to terrorism should be thoughtful and should wisely tackle their issues rather than terrorizing the world. Thus a combined effort is required to eliminate this evil and make earth a better place to live in.

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Terrorism : A Threat to Society

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Terrorism is one of the gravest problems that the society faces today. It is an issue of global concern. The presence of terrorism can be felt across the globe. It is, today, a much debated issue in all the countries of the world-developing or developed. Terrorism is not a new phenomenon. But over the years terrorism like other avenues of life, has undergone tremendous changes. It has now become more lethal, more widespread and more difficult to control. Today it stands as a serious challenge before the civil society.Speech Topics

Terrorism has its presence everywhere ranging from Indonesia. Malaysia to Sudan. Somalia, Egypt, Nigeria, Peru, Chile. America to Ireland. Almost all the countries are directly or indirectly facing the problem of terrorism. It has sprung up everywhere. Terrorists are the greatest enemies of the society because they undermine its stability by creating chaotic conditions leading to mass killing, damage and destruction. Generally public places like airports, railway stations etc are their targets, but sometimes they shift their focus to some soft targets like schools, hospitals, trains and buses where security is lax and security forces are not very vigilant.

Every country has defined terrorism in its own way as per its own suitability. There is no universally accepted definition of terrorism. In fact, terrorism is an unlawful use of violence or threat of violence aiming to inculcate fear among the masses. It is a philosophy of violence which terrorists use to destabilize the economy of a country. In modern times terrorism is being used to deliberately create communal tensions, and disrupt the peaceful atmosphere of a targeted society or country. The impact of terrorism has three motives-religious interests, ethnic minority interests and economic interests. But the real issue is the land, the power to hold it and to get maximum benefit from it.Essay writing Topics

Terrorists groups today are well-equipped with state-of-the-art technologies. Terrorists are increasingly making use of bombs and explosives. In addition, indiscriminate firing, bombarding and hijacking are also used by them as a tool to terrorist the society. Nuclear terrorism and bio-terrorism are the ways of modern terrorism. Terrorists in their operation of activities are very brutal and cruel. They act cold-bloodedly without any consideration to kindness, ethics and morality. Their sole aim is to cause destruction and damage.Essay topics

Terrorists today work under as part of global network. They have established contacts with groups in different countries and carry on their activities quiet collaboration with them. They offer training and finances to other groups. Sometimes terrorists activities are sponsored by bigger terrorist organizations. Ultimately whatever measures are taken, the conditions that give rise to terrorism has to be tackled efficiently.

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