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Sports and games form an integral part of our lives as children and adults alike. Physical activities are an inevitable part of our schedule which if neglected can deteriorate the quality of our lives. As students, it is a part of the growing up process and is thus inculcated in curriculum. As adults, it’s a medium of constructive recreation, stress-buster and an aid for fitness and healthy living.

Sports like basketball, football, cricket or hockey include a rigorous training regime which molds a person and forms his character as a physical fit and mentally sound person. They help us in our complete well-being and development. By teaching us the values of sportsmanship and leadership, it prepares us for the other challenges of our life. They teach us the basic values of team spirit and cooperation with the people around us. It also improves our body coordination besides improving our posture and body stature. They inculcate high levels of concentration and determination in us. Games like chess, cricket etc. increase our aptitude, test our intelligence and make us decisive.Essay topics

Training for any sport involves a fitness schedule and diet chart too which promote a healthy lifestyle. It ensures balanced nutrient supply to the body and appropriate workout schedule for different body types. It is also seen that working out and indulging in physical activities help us avoid diseases and illnesses and make us internally healthy. Studies claim that people involved in sports and physical activities have a higher sense of punctuality and responsibility. Activities like gymnastics and dance improve our body flexibility and add grace to our stature. They also improve our creativity. Learning a sport is in a way a complete investment for our body which reaps positive results in the future. Sports are the cheapest mode of getting a toned body, calm and sharp mind and a flawless personality without resorting to chemicals and surgeries. Physical activities coupled with healthy diet and proper sleep provide us with a lot of energy and enthusiasm for the entire day.

A person should not be obsessed with winning a game. Participation matters the most and if any person gets down to immoral practices to win the game, it can lead to disastrous results. Thus proper guidance and coaching is important for a person to learn the rules of a fair game and need to stay grounded during the game. Its necessary to stick to ones principles and morals during the game so that we don’t resort to wrong means in any other part of our life too. Thus, games and sports affect our lives in a huge way and have a lot of significance.

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Exercises – A Boon to Health

Speech Topics on Exercises

Then we talk of exercises, staying fit, the image of a slim person immediately comes to mind. We all view staying fit as staying thin, but this is not necessarily true. Many young women and now, with the advent of the modern age, even men are obsessed with staying thin, good looking as they term it. A person can be fit even though he or she may seem obese to the rest of the world.Essay writing on importance for exercises

Exercise is the key to keeping oneself fit. Exercise is not necessarily standing in one place and moving your arms and legs as one used to do in school. One can incorporate exercise into or along with any activity one enjoys. Dancing is an exercise, provided that the pace is fast, climbing upstairs is another way to reduce or to come back to the earlier level of fitness, but overdoing it can cause your knees to pain.Speech Topics on Exercises

Exercise must be combined with a proper diet. Regular exercise , is not a license to unhealthy eating habits. At times one does indulge in a binge but it should be once in a while only. One’s diet should be well packaged with proteins, carbohydrates as well as minerals. Yoga has become a fancy to stay fit these days. It has a rich and famous clientele outside of India, and now, thanks to various TV channels, it is becoming quite popular in the country of its origin. Better late than never. Exercise is for fitness, it is not in an order to create an appetite.

We eat in order that we live, we do not live to eat. Fast food is the single biggest cause for making people unhealthy or unfit. Keeping fit and healthy, is all in the mind, if you believe that keeping fit is necessary for better living only then can you succeed in the battle of good health. Those obsessed with healthy skin, keeping fit keeps your skin smooth, firm and also clear and glowing. Our skin has its own way of showing off when it is in good.

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