Essay writing Topics – Proper utilization Of time

The concept of “time” is difficult to define, but everyone knows what it is. Life on Earth is a continuous passage from one point of time to the next, and is limited in duration. Our thoughts, words, and deeds take place in time and utilize time. Success or failure in life depends on the way we utilize our time; and so does our happiness or unhappiness. Since nobody wants failure or unhappiness, it is obvious that everybody should strive to utilize time in such a way as to achieve maximum success and happiness.

Before attaining the age of reason, children cannot use or waste time consciously, since they are not aware of the value of time. But even when they grow older, many people never think of the value of time. Even the longest life on earth is really very limited in duration. It is, therefore, extremely important that we should take care not to waste even a moment in idleness or frivolous enjoyment. The time given to us on earth is a very precious gift of God. If we lose money, we may be able to make up the loss. But time lost is lost forever; it can never be retrieved.

For all of us, the time available for study or work is limited. About one-third of our life is spent in sleep. A great deal of our time is taken up by such activities as playing, eating, bathing and so on. We should, therefore, put the remaining time to the maximum possible use. There are some people who manage to work as much twelve hours a day, or even more. But most people work much less, and waste a lot of time. The tendency to fritter away time has also been growing steadily. How many millions of people spend hour  after hour, even day after day, watching games of cricket, or silly films, on the “idiot box”. This, surely is criminal waste of time.

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