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India is one of the largest democracies in the world. It has the largest multi-party democratic government in the world. Indian governance is based on democratic principles. With ideals of sovereignty, equality and secularism, the Indian constitution is the basis of the governance followed in our country. India is an independent republic that has grown as a multi-cultural nation with time. The formation and functioning of our government is a systematic and defined procedure that has been followed since the constitution was framed in 1950.

After the end of the British rule, all political leaders, visionaries and intellectuals who intended to run the country, framed the constitution and formed the first government of our nation. A president was elected with tenure of 5 years. The prime minister was elected for five years too. A cabinet of ministers was formed where everyone was given individual matters to look after and resolve. Issues like education, health sector, finance and economy and many other sectors were addressed individually and a ministry was set up for each. Many government organizations and bodies were formed and all of them acted cooperatively and mutually to make the government a success. With time, many political parties sprung up, many new issues were addressed and many more agendas were covered. With India growing as a global economy, external affairs were given a lot of importance and the Indian government signed coalitions and international bonds with many other countries. It formed a mutual support and trust with many countries. Today, India is one of the strongest economies and boasts of one of the most successful governments in the world. It has successfully managed to take care of all significant national, international, social, political, economic and cultural issues. Though it has faced many failures at various stages, it has managed to resurface as a successful government. Today it provides the masses with the right and freedom to express their opinions without fear, roam around the country freely and even practice any religion without any fear. It has also framed laws and taken initiatives to eliminate many social vices existing in our society.

Our government has various disadvantages and drawbacks owing to the fact that it is a multi-party democratic government model. There is a tendency of large arguments and deliberations leading to arguments due to the various opinions of the different people running the government. Corruption among the officials can lead to inefficiency of the government. Though, there is a certain extent of transparency between the masses and government, there needs to be a more cordial relationship between the public and the administration.

Thus, we see Indian governance is a success though not a complete success. The drawbacks if covered up can do better to our government.

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Indian Tourism

Speech topics

India is a beautiful country. A life time would be too short to view all the beautiful sights that this coutry has to offer.people going out to various places spend a lot of money, buying souvenirs, eating at restaurants or shopping for gifts for friends and relatives. This whole process of buying or selling the things has given birth to an entire industry. The tourism industry can be good source of earning revenue. If a person is selling something that is attractive looking it is very obvious that he can put any price tag on it. Someone or the other will definitely buy it. May be it is too durable but if it has been attractively packaged, it will be sold in minutes.Speech topics

India is a country which is rich in diversity. The majestic Himalayas, the sparkling ocean, the dry desert, the dancing rivers, the enticing lagoons or the magical backwaters, appeal to nature lovers. People come from far of countries to a new beautiful vision glory of nature. Adventure tourism is on the rise for those who prefer a more challenging holiday while water rafting para gliding, bungee jumping, trekking appeal to those who want a full day activity. There are uncountable fortresses and palaces in India which are also worth visiting. But the major bulks of the tourists, Indians as well as foreigner go to various temples situated far and near.

The tourism industry, on the other hand, is very disorganized. The rates of various tour packages differ from agent to agent and at times one reaches the hotel to find that the luxuries mentioned in the brochure are non-existent. Reservations get cancelled without notice, luggage goes missing. The country has to realize that the industry is a good source of earning foreign exchange. Effective regulations can give a new lease of life to this industry. Things are changing however and all is not dark and gloomy. With appropriate measures more and more people could be drawn to India as a favorite tourist spot. With the rise of terrorism in the South East Asian countries, the earthquakes and the Tsunami, many foreigners are turning to India, for it is a safe haven for holiday lovers.

Various states are promoting themselves as true holiday destinations. As more and more Indians become interested in spending holiday touring, instead of visiting relatives, the industry is set to grow manifold.

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