CHILD LABOUR IS PLAIN SLAVERY Let’s call child labour what it really is 21st century slav­ery. The very phrase ‘child labour’ fudges the’ issue. It en­dows the illegal, immoral and unjust practice that violates the rights of our youngest citizens with undeserved legitimacy and societal sanction. If we called it by its real name – … Read more

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CHILD LABOUR “India is the largest child labour force market in the world. The problem of child labour in India is of colossal proportions. The notion that children are being exploited and forced into labour, while not receiving education crucial to development, concerns many people. India is the largest example plagued by the problem of … Read more

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CHILD LABOUR India has the shameful record of having the most number of working children in the world. Though the government likes to believe that there are two million children employed in hazardous industries and occupation, unofficial estimates put the figure at 100 million. In the 1991 census, child labour was counted at 11.28 million, … Read more

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CHILD LABOUR Child labour is a common feature in India and many other countries. It is one of the major evils of urbanization and industrialization. Child labour is engaged not because of shortage of labourers, but due to its easy availability and cheapness. In India there is excess of population and labour for which there … Read more

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CHILD LABOUR Child labour is the human right issue for the entire world. It is a grave and wide spread social problem. Many children under the age of 14 years in different part of the country do several activities to feed self and family. Child labour is a danger to a child’s mental, physical social, … Read more