Plastic Disposal problems

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Plastics are non-biodegradable substances that pose serious threat to our environment when disposed off thoughtlessly. They are basically used for manufacturing goods like toys, utility appliances like buckets, hangers and much more, for packing materials and also for many other construction and industrial processes. They have an advantage of being durable, light weight and economically viable but still, they harm our environment beyond repair. Their disposal is a huge problem as the demand of plastic is increasing with growing population.

Since they are non-biodegradable, they cannot be disposed off in the open or in water bodies. Also they cannot be dumped in vermi composts since they cannot be disintegrated. Burning plastics release noxious toxic fumes as a result of which they should not be burnt. Moreover since they contain harmful chemicals, they should not be let to leach into water sources or ground. Some plastics are even non-recyclable which makes poses a greater problem.Essay topics

They can leach into the water sources and contaminate them, choke outlets and thus lead to killing of many animals and plants. When disposed off on land, it affects soil fertility thus affecting the plant and crop growth. They even pollute the air.

Thus, steps are being taken to reduce the usage of plastics and rather use alternative materials for the same purposes. Technology and science has given us many synthesized materials which have the same strength and shelf-life of plastics but are recyclable and degradable easily thus making their disposal easy. For example, plastic bags or polythene bags are now being replaced by jute, cloth or paper bags. Moreover the quality of the plastics manufactured in the country is being improved to reduce the toxic chemical content and thus reduce the threat posed by them.

The media industry plays an important role by spreading awareness about plastics and environmental degradation among the masses. Governmental and non-governmental organizations have taken up initiatives to clean up the environment and thus reduce the threat posed to it. Plastic usage and consequent disposal should thus be minimized to create a sustainable and clean place to live in.

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Importance Of Newspapers

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Newspapers are not just a scroll of paper that is dropped into our houses every morning. They have been of great significance ever since they were started. At the time of British rule, newspapers were a medium of spreading news about the happenings in the country or to initiate an agitation or revolt. Newspapers were one revolutionary medium of making important announcements. That purpose is still fulfilled by them.

Today, we have many national dailies and many other local and regional newspapers read all over the country by almost all sections of the society. We have newspapers in almost all main languages like English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, and Kannada that are circulated in our country. Today newspapers contain articles of various genres besides the daily news to suit the various tastes of the varied readership. Many newspapers even have weekly magazines to add interest to them.essay topics

Newspapers hold a lot of importance in our lives. They make us aware of latest happenings, developments and information about various global and national issues. This helps us gain knowledge about all cultural, economic, political, entertainment and social issues all over the world. Many organizations and companies use newspapers and print media to make announcements to the public about job vacancies and other important details. Endorsements and commercial advertisements that are printed in the newspaper help us know about the products launched in the market. Newspaper thus provides an industry-consumer interface and helps develop a healthy relationship between the two. Newspapers these days have an editorial section where the readers are allowed to voice their opinions about any issue. This thus provides us with a huge platform to express our views, exchange ideas and build up interactions.

The entertainment section carries news about the film industry, sports events and television industry. It often contains interviews of people from the entertainment and media industry thus providing a medium for the masses to know about some famous people. Newspapers often contain games and quizzes like crosswords, Sudoku etc. which provide us with a healthy means of recreation. Many of the dailies often contain information about upcoming examinations, tips for studying and last minute preparation which helps the students. Newspapers are thus one necessary commodity that is needed by all sections of our society.

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Need For Conservation Of Water

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Water is one of the most essential components of nature that has made life possible on earth. Seventy-five percent of the earths’ surface is covered with water, though all of it cannot be used by all living organisms. Every form of life depends on water directly and indirectly. It is a basic necessity of life. Today the demand of water by humans is seen for almost all purposes, from drinking to domestic, industrial and agricultural activities. Such huge demand and excessive needs have now started taking a toll of the natural water resources.

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The annual consumption of water per individual has increased rapidly over the past few decades. With growing industrialization, urbanization and extensive agriculture being practiced, the water demand has risen to dangerously high levels. Most of the available water is diverted to urban residential and commercial areas which leaves negligible amount for the rural people. Moreover, water pollution is one environmental concern as a result of which there is dearth of potable water. Toxic chemicals, agricultural and domestic wastes and industrial effluents seep into water resources making them unfit for use. The issue of shortage of water is further aggravated because many people are careless about water and cause wastage in large amounts. They waste water by keeping the taps on when not in use or using excess amounts of water for small purposes. Many industrial processes like production of paper, leather processing etc. use a lot of water too. This leaves with no water for some remote parts of our country.

The need of the hour is to prevent and curb pollution of water. If water pollution is reduced, we will get a larger water reserve which can meet more demands. On an individual’s part, we should minimize water consumption to the least possible. Basic careful steps like closing the tap while brushing, using buckets instead of showers and hoses etc. make a lot of difference if taken care by all of us. On the domestic front, we can recycle and reuse water. Waste water from the kitchen can be used to water plants. Industries can also do their part by treating wastes and not dumping toxic chemicals into water resources. Alternatives can be devised and used for industrial activities that require a lot of water. Growing trees i.e. afforestation helps us maintain our ground water table as they bind soil and also help in purifying the ground water. Rain water harvesting techniques can be incorporated in all large buildings which help us store and use rain water. Canals and water diversion channels can be constructed from areas receiving heavy rainfall to dry and water scarce regions. All such steps and many others if implemented efficiently will definitely help us fight the problem of water scarcity.

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Happy is the man who acquires the habit of reading when he is young. He has secured a life-long source of pleasure, instruction and inspiration. So long as he has his beloved books, he need never feel lonely. He always has a pleasant occupation of leisure moments, so that he need never feel bored. He is the possessor of wealth more precious than gold. Ruskin calls books “Kings’ Treasures” – treasuries filled, not with gold and silver and precious stones, but with riches much more valuable than these – knowledge, noble thoughts and high ideals.Essay topics

The blessings which the reading habit confers on its possessor are many prodded we choose the right kind of books. Reading gives the highest kind of pleasure. Some books we read simply for pleasure and amusement-for example, good novels, and books of imagination must have their place in everybody’s reading, When we are tired, or the brain is weary with serious study, it is a healthy recreation to lose ourselves in some absorbing story written by a master hand.

There are many noble books on history, biography, philosophy, religion, travel, and science which we ought to read, and which will give us not only pleasure but an education. And we can develop a taste for serious reading, so that in the end it will give us more solid pleasure than even novels and books of fiction. Nor should poetry be neglected, for the best poetry gives us noble thoughts and beautiful imaginings clothed in lovely and musical language.

Reading newspapers and magazines like India Today, Outlook helps us be aware of the national social and economic issues as well as the international matters. It thus connects us to the world and serves as an excellent mode of communication. Reading books like Readers’ Digest helps us increase our vocabulary and thus improve our language skills.

Books are not just a vast sea of knowledge but developing the habit of reading instills in us various virtues like concentration, patience, and other good morals which each book has to teach us. Also, reading keeps us busy in a healthy way and thus channelizes our energy and time to reap positive benefits.

Nowadays, the growing number of book stores and public libraries which are stacked with a wide range of books, journals and magazines facilitate reading on a large scale. This thus promotes the habit of reading among the masses. Books are the most faithful of friends. It is very rightly said that books are an abode of knowledge, virtues, and selfless guidance. No wonder a reader becomes a “book-lover.”

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Music is an art form which is widely recognized and appreciated all over the world irrespective of the region. It forms an integral part of all cultures and civilizations. It has now transformed into an industry because many people earn their livelihoods through music. Music thus has a social value attached to it and also has a cultural and economic significance. The history of music is interesting and vivid. Though there is no specific origin of this art form, but still it was introduced to the humans long ago.

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Music was basically a luxury once only enjoyed by the royalties. In many places, people engaged in making music had to face social stigma as it was considered to be a thing of shame. Many other civilizations promoted music as an act of religious importance and the people related to music were held in high pristine. Thus, we see that music was welcomed with mixed responses. With the promotion of this art form all over the world, the tastes and the opinions of the people changed gradually and it gained appreciation all over the world. Music includes both vocal music and instrumental. There are many types of music indigenous to many regions and cultures. From western English music to African and Arabian music to the various genres of Indian music, there is a wide range to suit all tastes.

Today music plays an important role in our lives. It is a mode of recreation, an art industry, means of expression and also a matter of pride for many societies. Playing an instrument, be it the guitar or the table is one of the most pursued recreational activity. It not only helps us use our time effectively but is an efficient stress buster. Musicians and bands all over the world create and edit music and promote it to earn appreciation and their livelihoods. They even intend to express their opinions and emotions about issues close to them through music. Michael Jackson was one such legendary singer who voiced his views through music. Many societies also attach their cultural sentiments to their own music and is thus of great significance to them.

Many Indian societies consider music to be a form of worship. Thus, music is widely recognized and respected these days. But, music is being commercialized these days. A lot of money is minted through the music industry. This should not affect the quality of the music. Music is also a subject of study these days. Thus, we can conclude that music is truly important for each one of us.

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Films are one effective method of reaching out to the masses and to spread our views among them. Started off as a new venture for the purpose of entertaining people, films have now affected almost all parts of our lives by depicting almost all social, economic, political and socio-cultural issues. While some of them have an educative value attached to them, some are entertaining, and some others are documentaries which depict realities about certain sensitive issues and aim at solving out the matters by reaching out to the masses and the authorities responsible.

The films made for a commercial purpose of entertainment all over the world now form an integral part of most of the peoples’ lives and their leisure activities. Films belonging to various genres like drama, comedy, action are made every year which attracts numerous viewers from different sections of the society. Every year there are award functions to felicitate such movies and appreciate them for their work. Oscar awards are one such prestigious academy awards.

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Documentaries are one category of films which are pictured with the motive of bringing out the reality about various day to day issues and depicting them to the masses with the aim of finding a solution to those problems. Such films are non-commercial and non-profit productions.

Films which have an educative value attached to them are produced to add meaning to the media industry. There have been many films made on matters of environmental concern, or creating a social awareness, or creating cultural or economic awareness among the masses. Not just the content of the movies, even the entire process of making a film and releasing it for public viewing is quite enthralling and interesting. The amount of researches and studies done about a matter is in itself a learning experience for its makers.

Films have many other benefits. They bring together people from different sections of the society and different walks of life. Being an integral part of the media industry, they provide us with a platform or interface  to exhibit our talent and interest too. Films are also a matter of national pride when they are recognized and viewed worldwide. They are thus a complete entertainment and educational package with many other values attached to it.

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Illiteracy is one social vice which is a result of most other social evils and even a cause of many of them. It forms a vicious cycle of dire conditions and helplessness which often traps the rural societies of India. It is referred as the condition of lack of basic education and knowledge among the masses due to several reasons. India has a high rate of illiteracy of around 26 percent which is responsible for its erratic economic and cultural position on the global scenario.Essay topics

Illiteracy is mainly the result of poverty and dearth of facilities coupled with the rural orthodox social outlook of India. Many people cannot afford the expenses of basic education even if it has been subsidized and made free. Moreover, there exists this mentality that girls need not be educated and deserve to do house-hold chores because the males are considered to be the bread-earners in our patriarchal society while the females are asked to stay back at home. Though this outlook is changing with the development of the nation, many other factors contribute to the high illiteracy in our country. One such factor is corruption. Corruption in the administrative level lead to the failure of many governmental and nongovernmental initiatives which aim at educating one and all in the country. Moreover, lack of employment opportunities, over-population and degradation in the quality of education in India these days account for the status-co of the society. Rising prices of the commodities also force people to drop out of schools and colleges to find means of earning livelihood to make both ends meet.

As we discuss the causes, we see that even the effects and results of illiteracy are similar. Due to large number of uneducated masses, the human population cannot turn into a useful resource and thus cannot contribute to the economic growth of our country. This leads to a low demographic dividend. Moreover, ignorance about the basic rights and principles of a citizen of the country leads to added corruption among the authorities and officials at any level. We also notice illiteracy leading to deteriorating health conditions of people as they are unaware about it. It leads to promotion of blind faiths, fads, misconceptions and superstitions in the society. Lack of awareness also deteriorates the cultural richness of our country as we cannot take proper care of it.

Thus we see, illiteracy is a social evil that shall encircle our country in darkness and downfall if not curbed. Thus, we are now making efforts by taking initiatives to teach everyone. Campaigns, clubs, evening schools and forums take steps forward to teach specific issues to specific sections of the society. NGOs and international organizations are also implementing laws and providing facilities and funds to help educate each person. All we need is cooperated and sincere efforts to fight this problem.

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Out of all the countries we see on the globe, India boasts of the most diverse and vivid culture and heritage. The India subcontinent is an abode to numerous civilizations each with a different and captivating history. India is known for its cultural richness and thus attracts many scholars from all over the world to study the diversity of our nation.

The cultural diversity is reflected in the food, art forms and lifestyles of people all over the country. Each region has its own cuisine and art forms which are known worldwide.While Kashmir boasts of rich spicy food and mesmerizing natural beauty of the hills and valleys; Kerala attracts people from all over the world because of its beautiful beaches, backwaters and traditional food served on banana leaves. While the seven sisters viz. the north eastern states are known for their spices, tea and crafts, Rajasthan boasts of a colorful desert life and culture. Thus we see a wide range of vivid cultures as we roam around in the country.essay topics

The reason behind such a diverse ethnicity and culture in India dates back to its histories and beginning of civilization. From the Indus valley civilization in Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro, to the great Mughal rule in India, we have retained a part of all these cultures which accounts for the mixed traditions, languages, life styles, cultures and societies in India. Moreover, the people from the western countries who ruled over parts of India, left behind a part of their ethnicity which were adopted by us and thus became a part of our culture as well. Also, many people had come to our nation for different purposes from all over the world, and settled down here. Generations after generations the traditions have been inherited and have become an integral part of the Indian multiculturalism. Today we boast of about different languages and dialects all over the country. Each region has its own ancient literature, art forms, industries and traditions which are related to their origin. Various literature texts and scriptures are found all over the country in various scripts which are an evidence of the diverse history India has had. Another facet in which this aspect of India is reflected is its ancient architecture and monuments. India is a land of temples and forts and amazing architecture. From the magnificent Taj Mahal in Agra built by Shah Jahan to the beautiful temples of Madurai, each of the monuments have a different captivating story behind it which adds to the beauty of these monuments.

The heritage of India is not only an attraction to tourists but also scholars and archaeologists from all over the world who come to study the beauty of diversity in our country.

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Globalization as the word suggests means the interaction and intermingling of cultures , societies ,countries worldwide which results in exchange and sharing of various ideas, trade of goods, global relations, and various other changes. Over the years, since India became a part of the global interactive scenario, many changes, both good and bad, have been seen.

first development seen in India as an effect of globalization is large scale production and manufacturing of goods, called industrialization. India was always a land of small scale industries and cottage industries. The concept of bulk production and machine aided processes was a result of global interaction. Today, India boasts of a huge industrial sector. The most integral part of Indian economy viz. agriculture now incorporates the best technology and scientific methods which were once introduced by the people of the west.

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 India has not always been on the receiving end. It has given to the world some of the finest brains and human resource. It has offered some of the most important ideas and opinions which the world has accepted readily. From the concept of zero to the finest pieces of literature, India has given it all, and while it reached the people beyond the nations’ boundaries, these great minds received admiration, respect and appreciation. Even today, some of the finest work force abroad is Indian.

Globalization has also introduced the idea of urbanization in our country. Globalization has even lead to the concept of multiculturalism. Today in the Indian urban society, we see many western concepts that have been introduces and been accepted by the people. For an instance, we see growing number of nuclear families in a country where the entire village used to stay as one family. We see many alien traditions and languages in our country which had come with some of our guests and stayed back even after their departure. English is the official language of India where surprisingly it does not have an indigenous origin. Globalization has also extended its reach up to Indian governance and administration. We have accepted many ideals of foreign thinkers and leaders and have built a strong democracy over the years. India has evolved as a subcontinent and it keeps up to the title as we can see a number of cultures, societies and people with entirely different histories living together with peace and harmony. Despite all the social vices, India boasts of a rich heritage and diverse history which coexists with a modern, competitive, developing society.

Globalization, like all other things has its own dark side. It has resulted in the phenomenon of brain-drain and excessive outflow of talent, and human resource. Today, most of the finest brains go out in search of better work conditions and settle down abroad, thus causing a loss to our country. Besides that, globalization has introduced many social practices which tend to soil Indian traditions. Thus, we can see that globalization can be both a boon and a bane for any nation. It depends on us how we should mold it in our favor.

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Discrimination on the basis of gender has been an age-old social evil in our country. It is one vice of our society that has changed forms but has remained in all walks of life. There is a prejudice against women and they are often deprived of advantages which are provided to the males. Ours is a patriarchal society which follows the principle of favoring men over women everywhere irrespective of circumstances.

Since the beginning of human civilization in India, women have been considered to be the weaker section of the society and were never given a chance to grow and develop. Discrimination in its extreme form was seen in the form of Sati-Pratha where the wife was supposed to burn herself in the funeral pyre of her husband. A man was never asked to do so for his wife. Widows were boycotted and their presence was considered inauspicious. Women would have to face extreme domestic discrimination. They would not be allowed to study or work like the male of the house would. They would stay in their houses all day long doing domestic chores. They did not enjoy any recreational activity and lived a miserable life. With time, as the country opened up to the world, a lot changed and improved for women. Reformers like Vivekananda took initiatives for the betterment of women. They enjoyed the right to education and could now express themselves on the social front. Women started working to earn their livelihood and started to match up with their male counterparts.speech topics

As time went by, women started reaching up to almost all walks of life and started filling up male dominated jobs like the army and other defense services. Women have even performed better than males in many walks of life. We see women as heads of big organizations. Today though they have reached great heights academically and socially, they still have to be subject to discrimination on the professional front. The pay scale and benefits given to males for a particular job is often higher than that given to women for the same work. Crime rates of sexual harassment in the society or at the work place are still high. Moreover, many rural parts have still not opened up to the idea of gender equality.

The main reasons for this gender bias are illiteracy and social backwardness. Poverty has forced many people not to provide benefits to the females in the family. Women thus have to face a social stigma in some form or the other.

Many reforms and laws have made conditions better for women. The government has strived to reserve seats for girls and women in the academic, professional and administrative fields. Helplines are opened for the safety and security of women. Stronger reforms are needed to help women walk with their heads high in the society.

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Corruption is the most deadly social evil persisting in the Indian society at almost all bureaucratic, administrative and official levels. It forms a vicious cycle of darkness around the common man who does not hold any authority or power in the society. Corruption has hollowed our society so far and if not curbed, it shall take our country to all-time lows.Essay topics

Corruption is basically the use of immoral and unethical practices for selfish reasons. Corrupt people can go to any extent and sacrifice their principles to get their job done or for personal gains. Many officials have been caught deceiving people and asking for huge amounts of money for simple jobs. Many public servants who are supposed to serve the society often are responsible for insecurities among the masses. Corruption has even lead to hindrance in the growth and development of our society because many facilities and laws framed for our welfare are not implemented owing to high levels of corruption in our society. Corruption is seen as a direct reason of high rate of unemployment, illiteracy and poverty worldwide.  Lack of proper health facilities, dearth of basic amenities like electricity and communication services and ill maintenance of social and national infrastructure is largely because the funds diverted for these purposes are taken by corrupt officials. Many laws that have been framed are still on paper and have not been implemented successfully because of corruption. Corruption not just leads to shortage of services and goods, but also degraded quality of the services and commodities available to us. Many cases of adulteration in food products, cheap quality electrical devices have been reported and observed which is nothing but a result of corruption and dishonesty.

Corruption is a result of improper governance and inefficient administration in public and private organizations. There is a lack of transparency for the masses to view the functioning of these organizations. Despite the RTI act, corruption manages to creep into our society. Illiteracy among the masses enables the officials to cheat on them. High rates of corruption are due to poverty and desperation to get employed for many who agree to work for anything to earn a meager amount.

Corruption needs to be curbed before it damages our society. The need of the hour is that the highest officials should be honest and should supervise the functioning of the divisions below them. The masses should be made aware of their rights and they should take proper care to check the services provided to them. Dirty politics or dishonesty should be eliminated. A sincere effort is thus required to correct our society.

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essay topics

Textbooks define natural resources as the resources which exist naturally on earth. Forests, fuel reserves, soil, water; all these are categorized as natural resources. Natural resources are also called natural wealth or the gift of nature for the simple reason that humans and all other organisms depend on these natural resources directly or indirectly for their survival and existence.speech topics

Air and water are necessary for all living organisms and form the basic principle of existence of life on earth. Water is also required for various industrial and domestic needs of human beings which are increasing with the growing population. Soil or land is required for producing food and shelter by animals and plants.  Forests or trees are beneficial in many ways. From wood, to medicines, to paper, to almost every other essential commodity; trees provide us with all. Fuel reserves are required for almost all domestic and industrial purposes. Thus, we see that our existence is impossible without these natural resources.

What is of great concern is that due to the ever growing demands, humans are exploiting these natural resources ruthlessly which risks our existence. We are using these resources to such an extent for our demands which leads to exhausting of these resource reserves and consequent depletion of the quality. Thus earth shall soon reach the brink of irreparable damage. It leads to great environmental concerns like pollution, global warming and consequent effects like disturbance in water levels, critical damage to the earth. This creates the need to conserve the natural resources.essay writing topics

We can do that in a number of ways. Water needs to be conserved as the potable water levels have come down. We can limit the water use at domestic levels. We can recycle water and reuse it wherever possible. We should prevent pollution of water sources. Forests are being exploited ruthlessly. So we should prevent deforestation and find alternative measures for meeting all needs. Alternative resources like solar power, wind energy, synthesized materials etc. help us meet our demands in a sustainable way. Sustainable Development ensures meeting present human needs taking care of the environmental balance and future requirements. Nowadays, the concept of Green Technology is introduced to take care of advancement with natural preservation. Thus, all such measures can help us conserve the natural resources effectively.

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My Unforgettable Teacher

Speech Topics on teachers day

essay writing topics on my unforgettable teacher

A child idolizes his teachers more than anyone else in his life. All of us have our own ideals in our lives. A teacher is like a God to the child. In Indian culture, a teacher is given utmost importance. That means a teacher must get the importance from the children after their parents. A Teacher not only teaches the students the lesson in the books but also act as a spiritual guide for his students.Speech Topics on teachers day

I study in Tagore Public school. There are about 30 teachers in our school. Some of them have taught me earlier. Some are teaching me this year and there are others who haven’t taught me still. Nevertheless, I know them all. I like all my teachers. They are very kind and loving. My favourite teacher is Mr. Sharma.

He is our Maths teacher. He is a middle-aged man with pleasing habits and good behaviour. He is intelligent and a master in his subject. He is very disciplined but not very strict to the students. We feel at ease when he is around. He makes Mathematics easy for all of us and all of us enjoy it.

  He is very soft spoken, kind, gentle, helping and caring. He is always ready to listen patiently to the problems of the students. His admirable qualities make him a favourite of not only me but of all the students. He is our games’ incharge too. We all enjoy playing games under his supervision. He is very friendly to the students while practicing.

The reasons for liking him too much are many. Last year when I had fallen ill and could not go to school for many days, he himself came to my home. My parents and I too felt very happy. He then helped me to manage the loss of classes. He made me feel very special. He encouraged a lot me to study. And he cleared all my doubts about the lost portions. I owe a lot to him for my speedy recovery.

Since then, he has become a regular visitor to my family. But one thing I admire most is that he is neither partial nor biased. He is very honest and simple. Teachers like him are a fine example of simple living and high thinking. The country needs more devoted and dedicated teachers like him. Students would work harder when they have such inspiring much sources to follow.

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Use and Misuse of Cellular Phones

Public speech Topics on the impacts of mobile phones

Public speech Topics on the impacts of mobile phones

For some people at least some cell phones are an essential convenience of modern life; for other are irritating contraptions that should be banned from public places. A mobile phone is an electronic telecommunication device with the same basic capacity as a conventional fixed line telephone, which is portable and not required to be connected with a wire to the telephone network. A wireless radio wave transmission technology is used. In addition to the standard voice function of a telephone, a mobile phone can support many additional services such as SMS for text messaging, packet switching for access to the internet, and MMS for sending and receiving photos and videos. In less than twenty years mobile phones have gone from being rare and expensive pieces of equipment by to an all pervasive low-cost personal item. In many countries, where there is little existing fixed line infrastructure, the mobile phones has become widespread. Essay topic on the use and misuse of mobile phones

These days a mobile culture has evolved. Many people keep in touch using SMS. The commercial market in SMSs is growing. Many phones even offer Instant Messenger services to increase the simplicity and ease of texting on phones. People have made mobile phones into status symbols instead of necessity, especially young boys and girls. This has given rise to an increase in criminal and unethical activities. Essay writing Topics

Mobile phone etiquette has become an important issue with mobiles ranging at funerals, weddings, movies and plays. Users often speak at increased volume, with little regard for other people nearby. It has become common practice for places like book shops, libraries, movie theatres and places of worship to post signs prohibiting the use of mobile phones. Sometimes even installing jamming equipments to prevent them. As with many new technologies concern has arisen about the effects on health from using a mobile phone. There is a small amount of scientific evidence for an increase of certain types of rare tumours (cancer) in long-time, to persistent heavy users. More recently, a study provided significant evidence of genetic damage under certain conditions. Some researchers also report that the mobile phone industry has interfered with further research on health risks.debate topics on the use of mobile phones

Another controversial but more lethal concern is the correlation with road traffic incidents. Several studies have shown that motorists have a much higher risk of collisions and losing control of the vehicles while talking on the mobile phones. Accidents involving a driver being distracted by talking on the mobile phone are being prosecuted as negligence similar to driving while intoxicated. In some countries, such as Japan, Singapore, United Kingdom and France, as well as several states in the United States, driving while using a mobile phone is illegal.

Despite the misuse of cell phones, one cannot undetermined the use of mobile phones. They are once easily available help in case of emergency. And it is great source of entertainment. If used judiciously, wisely and with observance of public etiquettes, mobiles could be of great use. Mobile technology is very much here and it is here to stay for long.

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Value of Discipline

essay writing Topics

 “There is not to make reply,

  Theirs not  to reason why,

  Theirs but to do and die”

These famous lines by Lord Alfred Tennyson, emphasizes the place of discipline in the army and during times of war. It is obvious that no army can function and no battle can be fought successfully if every soldier wants to know the reasons behind his superior’s orders or if he argues with him about the necessity of his order.essay writing Topics

Discipline is necessary not only in the army but also in every organization, in every walk of life, in every activity. In order to understand what discipline is. For any walk that is to be done, an individual must have before him a goal, and a purpose. The goal can best be achieved if the work is done in the most efficient way with complete concentration. One has to devote his time, energy, resources to the activity. Strict obedience to the required rules for any work or activity is called discipline.

Since adults are supposed to have some self-control, they can on their own, obey the necessary rules of work or activity. Hence discipline comes to them automatically. It is internal. But children are not in a position to understand the necessity of obeying certain rules, or even if they do understand, they may be swayed by immediate or unimportant interests or diversions. So discipline has to be included in them. It is external. Children must accept the authority of their parents and teachers and obey their orders or instructions seriously.Essay topics paragraph writing on discipline

Discipline, whether it is internal or external, requires a great deal of self-control. But it never restricts or reduces one’s freedom. On the contrary, it makes freedom all the more meaningful and creates the necessary conditions in which freedom can be exercised or enjoyed. Discipline is like the banks of the river which do not obstruct the flow of its water but make it possible for the river to flow smoothly with proper force in the desired direction. Similarly, discipline makes it possible for the individual to utilize his time, energy and resources in a better way to achieve the desired results.

Discipline makes all the difference between success and failure, progress and stagnation. Discipline is the very foundation on which success in any activity or work is based. The great writer Edmund Spencer has said, ” A stern discipline pervades all nature, which is a little cruel that it may be very kind.”

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