Essay Writing – Prevention of Road Accidents

Road accidents are mishaps that can occur on the roads involving vehicles or pedestrians owing to various factors. Every day, we come across news about such accidents that claim lives and cause casualties. It causes loss of lives and also social and individual property. It damages roads and often poses a problem for many people who commute through the same route daily.

The various reasons are unawareness about the traffic rules and road regulations. Some people tend to be careless and ignore the road rules intentionally to travel faster. Moreover, old roads and poor quality roads can pose a threat to the traffic running over them. Road congestion and traffic jams can lead to mishaps too. There have been cases of drunken driving and consequent accidents. Such carelessness and immature attitude on roads can cost lives.

Road rules are something every person should learn in his childhood and should implement them during his lifetime. The basic rules of not playing around on the road, walking on the footpath, crossing the road carefully from the zebra crossing or subways are taught to us as children and we should be careful to follow them always. As drivers, we should take care of the road sign boards and the basic rules of driving. There is a speed limit assigned to every area which should not be violated in any situation. Seat-belts should be secured and the vehicles should slow down in residential and institutional areas.

Two-wheelers like scooters and bikes are more vulnerable to accidents as thy can lose balance easily if not ridden carefully. Wearing helmets, maintaining safe speed limit and riding in the special lane allotted to two-wheelers if possible; these are some steps which can be taken care of by individuals. Youngsters should not be allowed to ride or drive vehicles unless they are professionally trained and have a legal driving license for the purpose. Heavy-duty vehicles and commercial vehicles should not ply in residential and institutional areas. Moreover, such vehicles should not be allowed to ply on by passes and highways after a certain moment. They should not be allowed to cross a certain speed limit because it is difficult to control them due to their large size and mass. There should be a different lane for bicycles, cycle-rickshaws, carriages and carts so that they do not interfere with the automobile traffic. Besides these rules, quality of the roads and the infrastructure of the place also matters a lot. Flyovers, bridges and wide roads should be constructed in congested and heavily populated cities to avoid road mishaps. The quality of the materials used for constructing these roads should be tested and only good quality materials should be used. Road-traffic police can also play an important role in avoiding accidents by doing their duty sincerely. They should take care that all rules are followed and should regulate the traffic systematically to avoid any confusion on the roads.

Such steps if taken care of can help avoid road mishaps and make travelling and commuting from one place to another safer.

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