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Essay on Dowry System in India Every custom is initiated in the society by considering some good objects inherent in it. But some often a considerable span of time, the same custom degenerate’s in to an evil which is very difficult to get rid off. Over the years dowry system which initially represented parent’s gift … Read more

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DOWRY SYSTEM Dowry system is very common in India. Under this system a girl’s father provides cash and good to the bridegroom at the time of marriage. Sometimes it is given by the girl’s father voluntarily or is demand by groom’s parents. At times, it is obtained through coercive methods. In any case, it is … Read more

DOWRY SYSTEM: Essay Writing

DOWRY SYSTEM Dowry system has been prevalent in India since ages. In the Vedic age dowry was used as means for attracting a good boy. During epic age dowry too was in practice though its concept had by then changed. At that time dowry was not claimed as a matter of right but was given … Read more