Unemployment in India – Essay Writing Topics

Essay Writing Topics Unemployment in India

The Problem of Unemployment in India

Unemployment is a situation in which people who are able and willing to work do not get work. In other words, it is a state where due to one reason or other, one is not able to get a job according to one’s demand or ability. Unemployment has become an acute problem in India. There is more unemployment now than ever before. This is a serious economic problem. The economic well-being, peace, prosperity and stability of India  depend greatly on the immediate solution of the problem of unemployment.

Unemployment can be classified into full unemployment, partial unemployment, seasonal unemployment and disguised unemployment. The problem of unemployment among the educated is the most serious. When we offer education to thousands of young people , we are not in a position to offer jobs to even a few hundreds of them. Millions of uneducated young people and lakhs of graduates constitute the number of the unemployed in India. Even highly qualified persons like doctors, engineers and scientists also face this problem.

Essay Writing Topics Unemployment in India

There are many reasons for unemployment. The first and foremost cause is excessive population growth. The number of people increases rapidly whereas employment opportunities do not increase rapidly. Illiteracy has caused unemployment and poverty. Illiterate and ignorant people remain conservative. They believe that children are the gift of God and do not plan their family. The system of our education is responsible for this serious problem. The system is so theoretical and old fashioned that it doesn’t make our young people fit for anything except some kind of service. Technical education is neglected. Unscientific methods of cultivation and slow rate of industrialization are other causes. Industrial production and national income do not increase with the increase in population.

Many measures are suggested to solve this grave problem. India’s population has to be checked by every possible means. People are to be taught the advantages of birth control and small family. The present system of education should be changed radically by giving importance to vocational and technical training. The country should be industrialized at a fast rate. Big industries should be limited. Cottage and small-scale industries should be started on co-operative lines in all the villages. Educated and uneducated people should come forward to start small-scale industries of their own. The government should come forward to provide the people with financial and technical helps. The youth should understand the importance of the dignity of labour.

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Unemployment and Underemployment

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The importance of literacy has been recognized both by the government and the people. People are the wealth of a country but the illiterate people are a burden to the country. Though it is the illiterate who are mostly unemployed, thousands of well educated young men and women roam from pillar to post seeking a good job. Education is the passport to a job but this is proving false nowadays. The unemployment problem grows more and more severe each year. The jobs available are quite disproportionate to the large number of educated youths seeking employment.Speech topics

Underemployment is as serious a problem as unemployment. It is not very sad that a B.E graduate works in an office as a clerk? He should have a job and the post to which he is appointed is an underestimation of his educational qualification. He should get a monthly salary and when no good job is available to him despite his best efforts he has to reconcile himself with what he gets.

When India attained independence fifty percent of the people were below the poverty line. With the increasing unemployment problem there is increasing poverty. More and more educational institutions, especially medical and engineering colleges are spring up. Every year a relatively a large number of students pass out from these institutions. But providing suitable job positions for most of them is very difficult. When failing to secure a good job many start small businesses. How many have achieved success in business enterprise?

In the rural areas the unemployment problem is acute. Agriculturists who form the majority of the population of villages have employment only during a particular season. They have only seasonal employment and they idle away their time during the time when they have no work. They are left without any income and depend largely on their parents for their food and clothes.

In the urban areas even able-bodied youths take up jobs like selling snacks, vegetables or flower. Many of them say that they want to be independent by doing petty business. They seek freedom but they do not want to be in a good job. They are forced to be contented with their low income. The story of these youths is an instance of underemployment. As already mentioned wealth of a nation is its people and each citizen of a nation should earn well to make up for its gross wealth. The employment of a greater number of people will increase the per capita income of the people.

India is a land of villages and the nation’s poor economic status is largely accountable for the poor economic status of the rural areas. There is a great divide between the urban and rural areas and therefore there is a great disparity in the life-style and economic status between the urban and rural areas. The urban areas should create more avenues of employment for the poor village folk. The literacy concept should be well embedded in the minds of the rural people. The time has come when no longer the rural people can live segregated without the benefits of education and without being well employed. It is not possible by everybody in the village to depend on agricultural income alone. While agriculture is the mainstay of the villagers the second and third generation people of a village family can seek jobs in the urban areas to great extent.

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