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Television- A Blessing or a Curse?

Television is one of the most important miracles of science. It has brought about a revolution in the field of entertainment, education and communication. It has brought the cinema and the stage both into our houses. One can now watch moving, talking and living pictures on the screen while sitting in his home.

Television has many advantages to its credit. It has three major functions- to educate, entertain and to inform. Many educative and informative programmes can be shown on the television which are of great help to students and the masses. Television is specially very valuable for an underdeveloped country like India where a great majority of the people are illiterate and live in the villages. Documentaries and discussions with suitable visuals provide education and information. Through the talks delivered by eminent scholars, people can be informed about the latest happenings and current problems. Scientists, social workers and eminent personalities can talk to the people directly. Thus they can gain a huge fund of information regarding science, political matters and social problems.

Entertainment comes in various forms. People can enjoy films, plays, dances, musical concerts, sports and games and the scenic beauty of any part of the world. Television also helps to a great extent in removing social and political evils from the society. It can highlight the evils of casteism, dowry, drinking, gambling etc. and help in their removal. Similarly, government programmes like family planning, afforestation, adult education and cleanliness can also be propagated through the medium of television.

Television can also help in educating the public regarding corruption prevailing in the society. People can be taught not to give or take bribes.   They can also be advised to help the government in curbing black-marketing, smuggling, hoarding, etc.

Television has certain disadvantages also. If a person spends too much time in watching television programmes every day, he will become lazy. Watching the television from a close distance affects eyesight. During television programmes, students do not pay much attention to their studies which will affect then-educational career. Some of the advertisements shown on the television have a corrupt influence. Most of the advertisements are on consumer goods, fashions and cosmetics. They create a craze for superficial cold drinks, harmful dishes, cosmetics and costly fashions. When semi-naked girls are focused in advertisements, they do not create a healthy influence on the young mind. Some of the programmes shown in private television channels mislead the young. Many valuable hobbies like reading are discouraged because of the invasion of television.

In spite of these disadvantages, the role of television in the field of education, entertainment and information cannot be denied.

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