TELEVISION: Essay Writing Topics


As compared to radio and transistors, television’s use is new. Now there is a craze for television. Television has an advantage of showing things in addition to sound. Television viewers can have the news items in pictures, can enjoy games, sports ‘live’, mountains, rivers, gardens, forests and all types of things in their true perspective.

In India, expansion of television network started in seventies and now it covers about most of the country. Efforts are now being made to have coverage of foreign countries to show the programs to people of Indian origin.

Previously there were only black and white televisions. Now besides these there are coloured televisions also. Viewers of television can have T.V. Set of their own choice. The colour TV is a costly thing. VCR and VCP can be attached to the TV for more advantages ad wider uses.

TV is now very common and widely used for all types of education and learning. The UCG Programme and the Open University schemes are through TV communication means and satellites are widely being used to make TV more useful.

Now in most of the markets of the country different types of TV sets are easily and readily available. In India, at present, there is very small license fee on T.V. It is because all the government publicity and lot of advertisement are made through T.V.

Different types of entertainment- songs, dances, gazal, geet, kavvali, cinema, games and sports can be enjoyed on T.V.