TERRORISM: Essay Topics


Terrorism can be defined as the use of terror as a mean of gaining the desire goal.

Terrorism is not confined to any single state, country or region it has now become an international phenomenon. If there are conventional attacks or invasion, governments concerned can check them effectively. But, terrorism and sabotage from within are such nasty things that they do not admit of any satisfactory preventive measures. Explosion in crowded areas like trade centres, cinema halls etc. leads to heavy loss of life and destruction. Lot of innocent people lose their lives or get wounded. The attack on the World Trade Centre in US, the terrorist attack on Indian Parliament and terrorist activities in Jammu & Kashmir are striking examples of the terrorist menace many nations face.

Why do the terrorists strike, and what do they gain from their cruelty? The answer is simple. The terrorists strike out of desperation and they gin nothing at all. On the other hand, they lose a lot.

Almost every sensible person in India believes that terrorism serve no purpose, at all. In the third world countries terrorist activities are in the nature of retaliation against the state terrorism. In these countries a nexus is established between the anti social elements and politicians. These people indiscriminately use the state machinery for their personal gain or simply to teach a lesson to their political views.

Under such a corrupt system, the victims of such cannot secure redress. It is argued that such frustrated persons in utter desperation take to the gun.

The menace of terrorism has assumed grave proportion in recent years.  There can be no doubt that terrorism is the ugliest form of political dissent, anywhere. However laudable the cause for which the terrorist may be fighting, their ways is most treacherous and cowardly. The murder of innocent persons and the destruction f public property cannot be condoned for any reason whatsoever. Terrorism is a phenomenon which must be condemned universally and unequivocally.