We celebrated the Republic Day on 26th January this year. It was a day of joy for all of us. It is the day when we were totally free from the rule of England and Indian Constitution framed by Indians became applicable for the first time. Thus people were very happy.

Our school remained closed on that day for normal works. It was announced by the Principal that the flag hoisting ceremony would be held in the school compound at 8.00 a.m.

First of all, we assembled at the prayer hall. The national song and prayer were sung. The Principal hoisted the flag. Then we all went to a neighbouring village to demonstrate to the villagers by practical ex­ample, that manual labour is not a mean thing. Secondly, Indian stu­dents can do anything for the good of the country and they are not mere book-worms. After doing some work, we all returned at about 1.00 p.m.

In the evening, a procession started from our school and it passed through the main roads of the city. In the end, a meeting was held near the clock tower.

Several prominent guests from the city were invited. There was strict discipline. The meeting went on smoothly. Speeches were very fine. The chief guest thanked the people for assembling and maintain­ing peace and order. He specially thanked the students of the college in helping the volunteers to control such a large group of people.

We all returned to our houses after having food.