Elephant is a wild animal, but it can also be domesticated by man. It is one of the “Giant hand Animals”, nature has produced in the world. Elephant is the unique species among animals; the nature has produced on earth.

It has four legs, a small tail, a pair of small eyes sunken in the large head, a pair of ears and long trunk, which is also used as nose or hand.

Elephant is one of the most useful animals that man has ever domesticated on the earth. Its usefulness is as many as, for carrying heavy loads, as it has great strength. It was used in the war as the war-elephant are operative even in the thickness of battles.

Elephant were also used for hunting purposes by the kings. Now these are used for sight-seeing in the ‘Safari Parks’, by the tourists. It is also used by the Indians for the processions in many festivals, especially in the South-India. Also, the elephant is a general entertainer and big attraction in the circus and zoo in India as well as elsewhere.

Animals can be made friendly and useful to man if they are domesticated and trained. Tamed elephants do a lot of work or service for their owners. They are attached to their ‘Mahavats’, who take care of them. On account of huge expenditure on their maintenance, now only a few elephant are caught and tamed. In south they are attached to important temples.