THE HORRORS OF WAR: Essay Writing Topics


Man has been fighting since times immemorial. But with the passage of time, wars have become more and more terrible. The 20th century witnessed two world wars. Hundreds of millions young men were killed. Cities were razed to the ground. Even hospitals and schools did not escape destruction.

Now when science has invented atom and hydrogen bombs, Supersonic planes, long range missiles and nuclear weapons, war has become a most terrifying thing to think of.

In ancient times, only the soldiers fought. The civilians were left in peace. Modern war makes no difference between soldier and civilians. Bombers rain death from sky. They destroy everything: military targets, aerodromes, factories, hospitals and homes. After a bombing raid, a city gives a deserted look of suffering, pain and death. The water supply is disrupted. Men, women and children are found buried alive in debris. It seems that the Angel of Death has visited and breathed on their faces his deadly breath.

The atom bomb is truly horrible. A single bomb dropped on Hiroshima in Japan killed more than two million men within a few minutes. Now science has perfected far more destructive hydrogen bombs and nuclear weapons. If third world war breaks out, whole nations will be finished within minutes. As time passes, more and more countries are making atomic weapons, the global military expenditure has reached the alarming level of $600 billion a year. Today the world’s stock pile of nuclear weapons is equivalent to sixteen billion tons of TNT which can destroy this earth ten times over. Every man, woman or a child living on earth claims an individual share of 3.5 tons of TNT.

Earlier the flames of war spread slowly. Now there are planes and missiles which travel even faster than the sound. The long range missiles carry atomic war heads to far off continents in the fraction of a minute travelling with speed of twenty thousand miles per hour or more. Moscow has a current estimated total of 333SS-20 deployments. America has 108 pershing-2 and 464 cruise missiles.

If the air race goes forward, a total disaster of the humanity is sure. It will take only a few minutes because with deployment of missiles the time to take decisions isn’t there as the flight time for missiles, from Czechoslovakia to Germany is just three minutes. Therefore, either man should put an end to war or war will lead to an end of mankind.