THE HORSE: Essay Writing


Horse has been one of the trusted and faithful companions of man like the dog.

Horse has been so faithful of man that in times of needs it has saved the life of man. On many occasions, the horse sacrificed its life to save its owner as the famous horse “Chetak” of Maharana Pratap Singh of Chittor.

A horse has two ears, one nose, a small bushy tail and four legs. The main and special characteristics of a horse’s legs are the strong hoof in each leg, so that it can run fast and for a long time. A horse possesses great stamina and can run for a long time. Police and military people find horse very useful.

A horse is very useful to man in many ways. It is trained and used as warrior-horse (cavalry) from time immemorial by men. It is also used for pulling carts, loaded with people as well as heavy loads, besides, it is also used for riding in the mountainous terrains and also for carrying people and loads in that area. It is also used for just pleasure as “Dancing-Horse” in marriages. In the circus horses perform some feats.

Lastly, we can say that horse is very simple, useful and faithful companions of man. Given due care and training, it can be more useful to man.