THE PARROT: Essay Writing Topics


In India, the parrot is a household name. Parrots are of many types and colours. In India, parrot is a common bird and found in all parts of the country. Parrots are of different types and sizes. The common parrot is of green colour. Children like parrots and tame in small cages.

Parrots are mostly of dark green colour with red beak and black ring on its neck. Parrots mostly fly in groups. The bird catchers catch these birds in the forest and sell these putting in cages. Children love these birds and often provide these with eatables. Children teach the parrot to speak simple and common words. Then the parrots repeat them.

The African parrot is much bigger than the Indian parrot. Colour of their feather is also different from the Indian parrots.

A parrot is also given specific training to perform in circus. They show some feats, pass through rings, moves toy carts and fire a small common gun.

Parrots live in groups in jungles or trees. In the morning they go out in search of fruits and in the evening they return back to their ‘nests’. Bird catchers often catch them easily and sell them to household people. Children are often friendly with the parrots.