THE PEACOCK: Short Essay


The peacock is our national bird. It is a sacred for Hindus. According to the Hindu mythology, it is carrier of Lord Kartikeya, the younger son of lord Shiva.

It is a beautiful bird. It has long and graceful neck with soft and small feathers of fine blue colour. It has small strong beak and strong claws used for hunting its prey. Its head with small eyes and crest over its increases the beauty of peacock. It has a bright long tail which thrills everybody. The eye-like spots in bright long tail are of dark blue, copper-red ad yellowish-green shades. The bird walks in a dancing gait and flies to short distance. Peacocks are found in all the parts of India. It is also found in Java, Borneo, Malaysia and Ceylon. The Java peacocks possess colourful and gay plumage compared to peacocks of other countries.

The female counterpart is called pea-hen. It has neither crest on its head nor the beautiful long tail like that of the peacock. It has a dull colour generally of brownish grey shade. Pea-hen is not beautiful as the brilliant blue-coloured peacock. It lays egg and hatches them.

Peacocks are the birds which can be tamed, but they thrive in wild jungles. They move in flocks in the field and forests. The pets are kept in garden and groves.

Peacock eats insects, worm cereals, grains, fruits etc. Snakes are afraid of peacock which is its naturally enemy. Snakes do not venture out where peacock lives because it will catch the snake with claws and kill it with its strong beak. The peacock moves in field and sits on the top of the huts, trees etc. They feel jubilant and dance very gracefully before the rain comes. The peacock dances with its tail spread like a fan which is a fascinating sight. Its dance finds a prideful place in Indian art and literature. It often cries “Peehoo” very piercingly without melody. However, the brilliant colours and divine beauty compensate its shrill cries.

The peacock drops feathers once in a year to grow new ones. These feathers are also used to adorn diadem of Lord Krishna as often seen in Indian art.

Generally, people like to hunt the bird for its flesh and feathers. But  it has been prohibited by law.