Beauty or handsomeness generally does not appeal me if it is not backed by character. After all we do not love, have affection for or have regard for a man for his outward appearance. We respect people for their humane qualities. One of my friends is not handsome at all. He has a dark complexion. But he is a man of character. He is a straightforward person and would call a spade a spade. He would never twist his sentences for his personal gains. He is conscious of his bearing in life. Girls like him for his qualities. But he is least attracted towards them. He believes ‘if character is gone everything is gone’.

Besides character he has many other qualities. He is both intelligent and studious. All the teachers love him and try to give him more facilities for his studies. They lend him any book he wants to have. The principal too has given him the facility to get three books at a time from the library. He enjoys all these facilities. But he shares them with the needy poor students who can’t purchase books. He helps them in their subjects. He devotes an hour and a half for such students. He even gives them his notes. He generally says ‘Vidya’ (knowledge) is the only wealth that grows more and more if you give it to others.

Besides studies he has ether interests too. He is not a bookworm. Although he studies hard to maintain his rank, he is a sportsman too. He considers health as valuable as studies and character. He always gets first prize in the 200 meter race and the marathon race. He takes sports as a hobby—a healthy hobby to push up a man.

One of the most gracious qualities of my friend is that he does not discriminate between the rich and the poor and does not believe in caste system. He believes that the society should be grateful to the so called scheduled class people as they keep the society healthy by doing those things which no one else is ready to do. The scavenger, the cobbler, the washer man are great men for him. He befriends boys belonging to this group and maintains kinship with them.

This all does not mean that he is a stoic and has no ambition. He has the aim to be an IAS officer, and he would be. His aim is that by entering IAS cadre he would be in a position to bring the ignored people closer to the well placed people in the society. He has started efforts in this direction even when he is merely a student. He, with the permission of his parents invites students belonging to the so called backward classes to dine with his family. He accepts their invitation too. He has three so called Harijan friends who are close to Km. I come only after them. I love him the most for he is the perfect symbol of equality among all.