What a change in women’s status from the Vedic age to the present day?

Looking back at history pages of ancient times, we find that women were treated with respect in the Indian society. In the Vedic age women were educated. However, as society became orthodox, there was change in their status. They were confined to the four walls of kitchen and occupied in rearing children. Men became bread earners. The roles of men and women were thus separated.

But now the social scene has considerably changed. Women all over the world are being educated in almost every field that men so far dominated. The knowledge of arts, science, technology and politics is no longer the privilege of men alone. Every school and college is now conscious of imparting education to girls as it is absolutely essential to educate women in society. If the woman is an educated mother, she can bring up children much better.

Wisdom requires that girls should be sent to school and later to college and encouraged to lead the society. It has been said that ‘you educate a man and you educate one person; but when you educate a woman you educate the whole family’. Her education is most important because she is the first teacher of her child and is it not true that, ‘the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world?’

Today’s women play a vital role. Her image has changed from that of a house wife to a useful person in almost all spheres. She has proved herself as a potential political leader, a radical social reformer, an efficient office manager and so on. Her physical weakness is no longer a barrier in getting herself established in the modern world. The recently concluded International Women’s Conference in Beijing, China, discussed various ways and means to make woman a better social being. It is no longer said, ‘behind every man’s success there is a woman’, but the new saying is that, “by the side of every man there is a woman trying to succeed”.