I read in private institution recognized and aided by the government. My school is situated in an area of about five acres. There is a compound wall around the school. There are three main gates; two gates are in front of the main building and third at the back of the building. My school is big and fine.

Our school provides education from 6th class to 10th class. In the main building Principal’s room, staff room, office of the clerical staff is situated. In it there is a big assembly hall. On both sides of the building two wings are spread. There are ten classrooms in each wing with verandah as on the both sides. There are many trees which provide shade and bear fruits in the school campus. A school’s auditorium hall for conducting school functions. There are five rooms in the rear portion of the main building. These rooms are bigger in size than classrooms, spacious and airy. They are built for laboratories, library and sports.

Our school won many prizes in district and state sports-events. Our school won several prizes in the science exhibitions, exhibitions are conducted every year in our school.

The library of our school is a big one. There are several thousand books on many subjects including story books and novels. We are encouraged by our teachers to seek knowledge from books. We go to library in vacant periods and read books of our choice.

Our classrooms are also spacious and airy with big windows and ventilators. Each classroom is furnished with desks and benches and a large blackboard is fixed on the wall to provide for fifty students. In each period different subject teachers come and teach.

The Principal of our school is a highly person. He is strict disciplinarian, he gets respects from both teachers and students. Our teachers teach us well as and guide us in important matters of our daily life. They are good and capable teacher.

There are two well maintained good grass lawns in front of the main school building. In the backyard and behind the left wing a big garden with fruit bearing trees of different kinds is there. All four sides of the lawns are bordered with the flower beds.

The school has a very good playground for outdoor games. We play hockey, volleyball, and football. Our school won shields and trophies in these games. We have scouting and N.C.C in our school. Our teachers take us on educative tours and picnics every year. Our school is our learning temple, our teachers are our guides, philosophers and mentors.