I am bored with the bag on my shoulder full of 4 kilo of books and note books. It is rather a satchel than a store house of knowledge. I just wonder why my teachers want me to bring all these books and note books. Many of them are not even taken out of the bag in school for days together. I fancy a school where I have not to carry this burden like a labourer. The school of my imagination has a cupboard for every student. All may keep those note books and books in the school which are required there only. This school will have teachers sensible enough not to ask the students to bring all the books every day.

The school of my imagination has a free atmosphere of learning. The students have not to cram cooked answers dictated by the teachers. The teachers are scholars. They feel that the students to have a fertile brain. This brain catches whatever is placed before it in an interesting manner. The teachers create confidence among the students.

The Principal of the school of my imagination is a benign person. He considers the students his children. He does not scold them. He tries to follow the problems of the students and teachers and solves them.

Bricks and mortar does not make the school. It is the atmosphere that counts. My imagination runs to Vishwa Bharati of Guru Rabindra Nath Tagore. The students may study under trees or in huts. It is a solemn atmosphere. It takes the young ones close to nature in the lap of nature. They learn many things from nature. As Shakespeare says’One touch of nature makes the whole world kin. I would like this atmosphere of kinship all around me.

The school of my imagination will be full of physical and spiritual activities. We shall have compulsory NCC and sports. It will prepare us to be the guards of our Motherland at the borders. All will participate in sports. There won’t be any discrimination. All the teachers and students would aim at perfection. But the background would not be merely personal achievement. The school will turn out young boys and girls drenched in Bharatiya culture.