THE SPARROW: Short Essay Topics


Almost at all places sparrows are available. These are simple and small sized common birds. Normally, they are fond of cereals and corns. They also eat some types of cereals and insect.

Sparrows are not expert nest-builder. Their preference is to live in huts and houses. They are normally accustomed to live with man. However, these birds are not tamed or put in cages. Being tender and small, these are afraid of cats and dogs. Cats often prey on these birds if they get an opportunity.

Sparrows live in pairs or groups. If some food or corn is given to them, they come in large numbers and eat them. Normally they give birth to new ones once or twice a year. As one time two or three chicks are born. For fifteen to twenty days the little ones are fed in the nest and then these fly out. In the beginning parents accompany and help them then they fly individually.