Man and woman are like two wheels of a carriage. The life of one without the other is incomplete. Men and women both contribute to the development of each other personality. Our ancient scriptures assigned woman place higher than man. It was believed that while man represented the destructive aspect of nature, woman represented the constructive one and that blessed is the home where women were given due respect. In ancient India women enjoyed full respect and honour and were regarded as the better halves of men. No sacrifice was complete without women’s participation. They enjoyed equal rights like men with full liberty to receive education and prepare themselves in their own manner to face the arduous battle of life. They had full voice in settlement of matrimonial relationship. The custom of holding ‘Swayamvara’ gave full liberty to girl to choose their life partners.

In modern India, women are the builders of nations. They have distinguished themselves in various spheres of life as politicians, statesmen, orators, poets, scholar, doctors, diplomats, women ministers and ambassadors. Such distinguished names as Mrs. Vijay Lakshmi pandit, Mrs. Aruna Asaf Ali, Mrs. Kiran bedi have established their worth to the curious gaze of orthodox Indians. One of the ablest politicians of our country, Mrs. Indira Gandhi has created a singular record by becoming the prime minister of India.

All important services have been thrown open of them. They are competing for Indian administrative service, Indian Foreign Service and many other fields of life. We have women as magistrates, I.A.S, revenue officers and pilots. They are cool headed, dispassionate, objective and impartial.

Women surely, have a very important role to play in modern India of today. We are busy with our plans of national reconstruction, rural uplift and all around development of our country, for its progress and prosperity. In the social, economic and political spheres, women too have shoulder the responsibilities along with men. Women have shown their worth in almost every sphere of life. The day is not far when the Indian women will not only catch up with their western counterparts but also regain their honourable status they enjoyed in the distant past.