Travelling makes a person mature and it increases his knowledge. Our civilization acquired tremendous progress in the fields of knowledge and science due to great expeditions undertaken by our ancestors.

Life is associated with movement: movement is controlled by time; we travel to sunny Mediterranean climate to escape severe cold and enjoy warm sunshine. We travel in to horizon for finding the unknown.

Travelling educates us. It teaches us from the open book of nature. Eye catches better than the ear and retains it well. That is why what we see we forget less and what we hear we forget more. Thus travelling must be a part of education as in America or Europe. Business and commerce are learnt by us when we travel. Travelling gives practical experience of living. It acquaints us with style of living habits, customs, traditions, foods, clothing and above all the nature of people distributed all over the world. Such a deep knowledge is difficult to get from books. Travelling brings the men of all ages, nations together.

Many travelers pass through terrible ordeals enroute their journey. Their prolonged contact in travelling increase their friendship. They understand each other better., develop love and mutual respect. Also travelling broadens mental horizon. All those who travel extensively become the most considerate persons. Pilgrims, businessmen and such people do not hurt or offend other’s feelings. Travelling exposes man to different weather conditions. A traveler is exposed by heavy rains, severe cold or scorching heat. Sometimes he enjoys fine woodland air or hilly breeze. Sometimes a traveler sleeps under an open sky in a desert or under a tree shade or in a rock abode. Such a life makes man sturdy and healthy.

Travelling brings us closer to the nature. All those who travel enjoy the beauties of nature such as hill stations, waterfalls, wild forests, rivers, lakes and also attractions of big cities. We inhale the pure mountain air filled with aroma of roots and herbs, in the north. While in deep south we enjoy the confluence of seas in the ocean. The beautiful scene of rising and setting of the sun and the moon from the Indian Ocean are some of the beauties that travelers enjoy. Travelling helps everybody but it helps more the youth and those who are in quest of knowledge.