He come, He saw, He conquered……….. He saw the waters; he conquered them in a ‘ship’. He saw the land, he conquered it on ‘wheels’. He saw the sky; he conquered it in an Aeroplane. By the end of the 20 century he devised ‘cloning’. Man walked in the 21st century as the conqueror of the world. He was the creator, the preserver and the destroyer all by himself. But one thing he could is not conquer was ‘time’. In fact the more advanced he  became; the more he lost out to time.

 Today life has become very fast. Everyone is striving to be the best and as a result, competition has increased manifolds. We are struck in never ending rat-race. A race, none of us can afford to lose. In such a situation the 24 hours we have must be used either for the development of the society or for the development of our personality.

Some people earn ten thousand a year but some ten lakhs. Time management is the only reason behind this. A person who can manage his time can manage everything.

Every person passes through four phases in his life-childhood, adolescence, middle age and old age. In each phase he has certain specific responsibilities. During Adolescence a person’s for most responsibility is towards him. As a student, his duty is to study well for future life. Wasting this time means killing a bright future.

Next course the middle age. This is when the focus shift from self to family. This is when an individual perform the role of a son, husband, a father and above all, a professional. He has to divide time very judiciously between his work and his family. There is no time to waste.

Finally the old age dawns. Some might think that this is the time for when a person can sit back and stare at the world. No the old age is when the sole responsibility of a person towards the society. Through this the person has to ensure that we contributes whatever, he can for the benefit of the coming generation.

Remember, to stare at something you have to stop and when you stop you lose one of the most precious things known to man, time. Our duty is to march on to your goal without wondering time on extraneous things.

Only idlers have time to stare at wayside things. But this does not completely rule out leisure in our life only when we have finished our jobs on hand, then and then only we should enjoy our leisure and thus lays the real pleasure of life.