DEFINE YOUR JOB – Best Sales and marketing Ideas #97

101 Best Sales and Marketing Ideas

IDEA 97:


Different sales jobs are, well, different. For instance, one may involve much cold calling, another none. One may involve short one-off meetings, while others may necessitate a long chain of events all of which must be got right. Simply to say that job is “to sell” is not a useful guide to making it successful.


From American business guru Mark McCormack …

For selling to be done well, anyone doing it must be clear what “doing selling” means. The first step she is to produce a clear definition of your own sales job. This needs to be entirely job and organization-specific, but general overviews can be helpful here too. For instance the following comes from McCormack on selling, a book by Mark McCormack, the American sports marketing consultant and commentator:

The qualities that I believe make a good salesman:

  • believe in your product
  • believe in yourself
  • see a lot of people
  • pay attention to timing
  • listen to the customer –but realize that what the customer wants is not necessarily what he or she is telling you
  • develop a sense of humour
  • knock on old doors
  • ask everyone to buy
  • follow up after the sales with same aggressiveness you demonstrated before the sale
  • use common sense

I have no illusions that I’m breaking new ground with this list. These are essential, self-evident, universal qualities that all sales people know in their heads – if not in their hearts.

Well said.

In practice

  • Whatever your job entails and however many different aspects of it there may be, you need to be clear about it all.
  • Furthermore you need to be about how different tasks fit together, to know what you have to do to be sure of doing a good job. If half your job is cold canvassing, make sure that you spend 50 percent of your time talking to new prospects, and so on, as your job dictates.
  • It is surprising how often sales people take all this as read. They know the job they must do, but if a lack of analysis means that they fail to give a correct emphasis to any specific part of the job, then they may be in trouble. Good definition underpins good practice.

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