In recent decades, particularly during the postwar years, the spirit of violence has grown beyond measure. The tragedy is that all over the world, with only a few exceptions, violence has been in the air, in thoughts, words and deeds. In India to the story is the same. The only difference is that while in some places, the incidents are just played down, in some other cases; these are blown out of all pro­portions. Similar is the case with foreign countries. There is ethnic violence in Iran, Iraq, South Africa, Yugoslavia and in the various Russian Republics, South American countries etc. Even small na­tions like Nepal and Bhutan have been affected. Also, some Gov­ernments are known to be behind international terrorism. Northern part of India, especially Jammu and Kashmir is a victim of the State sponsored terrorism. Normal life is affected in those areas. It is indeed a slur on modern society that the cult of violence has been growing as against the cult of peaceful co-existence losing its mo­mentum. The social, economic and political progress made by man in 20tn century has been partly neutralized by the simultaneous in­crease in violence and the fantastic development of the weapons of mass destruction.

In the modern world violence has taken many forms, each signi­fying the evil side of man and his designs to destroy the principle of equity, justice and truth. A new dimension to the cult of violence has been added by kidnapping for ransom. Another related activity is the hijacking of vehicles especially air craft’s.

Violence has taken a heavy toll in some parts of India affecting the public life adversely. Matters have come to a critical pass in many states in this land of Buddha and Gandhi. A mad and sad rat race is on to make money and gain power at any cost and by any means. The result is that no political party or group in India can now lay its claim to total innocence in so for propagation of violence is concerned. Violent demonstrations, rallies, hartals and bandhs have become the order of the day. The number of dacoit gangs has gone up phenomenally and each day witness’s burglary, massacre, ar­sons, looting, destruction of property, looting of banks and the like, more daringly and ferociously executed. Unfortunately, every gang enjoys political clout to some extent.

Violence is growing like malignant cancer throughout the world. Many South African countries witness ethnic fights. In many parts of the world religious conflicts and violence have led to massacre of innocent people. Some people or even some nations as such who have crazed for power, position, and wealth etc resort to violence and propagate it. They play upon the delicate susceptibilities and emo­tions of ignorant people. Hence clashes based on communal, re­gional, religious and linguistic sentiments are triggered. In many cases the police are ineffective or in some cases, they are even party to it.

All Governments and individuals should rise up against this evil. Governments should ensure that police act promptly and without bias. Citizen can form groups or forums to inform and even to assist the law enforcers. Common people need to be made aware of the need for communal, religious and linguistic harmony. Enlighten people cannot be exploited by unscrupulous politicians or selfish leaders. Providing basic necessities like food, accommodation, education, job opportunities to the poor people will help a lot in eradicating riots, violence etc. Thus they will become unsusceptible to the evil designs of vested interest. Nations which sponsor violence and terrorism should be isolated and pressured upon to eschew their heinous acts. Then peace will prevail among people and among nations.