VIOLENCE TO WOMEN: Essay Writing Topics


It is great honour for me that I have got this opportunity to present my views on a matter that is one of the main social evils of our society, that violence to women.

We should feel much pains and rightly so when we visualizing any atrocity alone on any woman, Especially so, because the whole woman race is the producer of mankind. Let us imagine a community without any woman, without any woman will never procreate, it would become smaller and smaller and die out. Woman is the only producer of mankind, as we think of a woman as a mother, our heads have to bow down with respect off because of the love, care, sympathy, understanding and all deep feelings that a mother entertains for her spring, would tantamount to a unique emotional interaction between two human beings.

For a mother the child is never big enough for showering of affection. Whether the child is big, small grown up or aged, the mother’s love flows to him with equal intensity.

Mother, Sister, wife and daughter these are the four faces, four images of a woman. For men these are the most precious images. If any of us destroys any of these images, we should not be called human beings, but animals, nay worse than animals, because even animals have some code of conduct. Woman has made sacrifices for man as history and legends would show with no concern for her and with all the protection she can muster to save some man.

I am sorry for the long preclude building up the vision of woman among men. If a woman weaker sex, with higher feelings and the capacity to adorn this world with beauty and everything converted with beauty, is ill treated and violated, there is no deeper shame for mankind. It is a shame for all of us. The fact that some incongruous male persons may be the violator notwithstanding.

It is true that the root of this malady the crime against women lies in the crooked psychology of the concerned criminal. To straighten out such a criminal’s crooked mind, it is not our problem, let us leave this problem to social works, medical practitioners and state authorities.

However what is of significance to us is that of reason does not prevail, if culture, understanding, training and judgment fail, then we have only one course left to us. Fear therapy should be evoked through stringent pressurement.

Another point that raises solutions is that a woman, who has been through the traumatic experience of a crime against her, should receive the highest acclaim from society. She would be the recipient of some award like the ‘bravery award’ etc and should be at the center of respect and reverence instead of humiliation and antipathy. If we can mobilize enough of public opinion, then our society would come to regard such women as martyrs.