A VISIT TO A CIRCUS: Essay Writing


A circus is a place where wild beasts and domestic animals perform feats at the command of their trainers. Athletes and clowns also perform many wonderful feats in a circus. Last year, during the Onam holidays, Jumbo circus came to our town. I visited the circus along with my friends on a Saturday.

The circus people had taken the big field outside the town where they put up their tents. Some tents were meant for the animals, others for the workers and a big shamiana was meant for the circus show. We reached the ground, bought our tickets and seated ourselves. The circus was attractive to people of all age groups and so there was a great rush. The tent was beautifully decorated and illuminated. We could hear the roaring of the lions and the trumpeting of the elephants. Men, women, and children were anxiously waiting for the show to start.

The first item of the programme was a performance by the clowns. They came with their faces painted, and their funny faces made the children laugh. Their shouts and movements made everyone laugh. They made silly jokes and played such tricks on each other that we laughed till our sides ached. The next item to b presented was gymnastics by young girls and boys. They did marvelous exercises in swinging, exchange of swings and walking all danced to the accompaniment of a band. One of the girls danced on a steel wire holding an umbrella in hand. Another girl cycled on a steel wire. This performance was highly appreciated by the audience.

Then came the breath- taking items. Six horses came in and on their backs were five men dressed in red and yellow and a girl dressed beautifully. The band played a dancing in tune with the music. Then the riders got up and stood on the backs of the horse and the horses started galloping. As they galloped, the riders jumped from the horse to horse and turned somersaults in the air and came down on their feet on the saddles. It was a marvelous performance. Then there came a trained elephant. He sat down on a stool and saluted us with his trunk. He also stood up on his hind-legs and danced rhythmically to the tune of the band.

Then a woman came and stood near a wooden plank. A man began to throw sharp daggers at her on all sides. She was not hurt and she stood fixed, surrounded by daggers. This was followed by the feats of lion and tigers brought in cages. A ringmaster came with a long whip in his hand. The animals did everything as ordered by the ringmaster. He also made them run through a huge ring of burning fire.

The show came to an end at 10 pm. It was a thrilling circus show. It delighted all the spectators. We had a happy evening and I was sad when it was all over. The memories of the scenes are still fresh in my mind.