Exhibitions are a very important source of information and education for the masses. They provide immense knowledge to people about many things. They tell us about the progress that has been made by a country in different spheres. They also stimulate commerce and provide amusement and pleasure.

I am very fond of visiting exhibitions are they provide me with much information and enjoyment. I was on a visit to Bangalore and I heard of the exhibition being held at Jubilee Memorial Hall. It was an international exhibition of books and paintings; I made up my mind to visit it.

I entered the main gate of the Jubilee Memorial Hall. There stood in the centre of the courtyard a huge statue of made of clay. There were lots of people standing around it and enjoying its beauty. It was a superb sight and it was really a piece of art. I proceeded to the hall where books displayed. There were books on all subjects. I was filled with joy at the sight of world classics and Indian classics. There were books on science, literature, technology, humanities, drama, poetry, fiction, art and music. The books on science and technology were displayed in one corner. There were huge volumes of books on history, economics, geography, political science, sociology and psychology. Indian classical works were kept in one section. Books on English attracted the attention of many people. I had a chance to get acquainted with some of the masterpieces of English.

The display of clay models also attracted many. The models included different types of utensils, toys and statues of men and women. People admired the skill with which those models were made. The display of paintings was another scene of attraction. I had the rare opportunity to see some of the wonderful creations of painting. It was a feast to my mind. I was very much delighted to see the paintings of the Raja Ravi Varma.

The exhibitions increased my knowledge of books and paintings. I still cherish the memory of that visit to the exhibition.