Education makes a man of perfect in every aspect of his life. It ensures a good personality character and attitude towards life. Above all, education should facilitate the process of getting suitable employment for leading a better life.

Education will have no meaning, if a person became unemployed. This unemployment problem can be solved to a great extent, by adopting vocational training in our educational system. Our universities are churning oil thousands of graduates and post graduates, seeking white collar job.

 Vocationalization can start right from school level. This will produce a practical approach in the minds of
students. As per the National Education Policy (NEP)
vocationalization should start in more secondary schools. Unfortunately the overall performance in this regard is much below the target.

Institutions producing skilled and semi skilled workers and supervisors, affiliated to NCVT are also woefully few in number. Recent studies indicate that qualified professionals were unemployed or under employed. Many are forced to leave the country for better job prospects resulting in brain drain.

Universities have the only responsibility to conduct the examination and awarding degrees. But they should act as a coordinating medium between industry and institutes. They should establish training centres in certain selected disciplines. It is necessary for the universities to identify the core areas where training is required. Conventional education should be modified and new courses should be added wherever necessary. Changes in curriculum have to be brought about as and when necessary to match industry standards.

Vocational training also helps students to become successful entrepreneurs in future. Practical and theoretical knowledge helps them becoming a self employed entrepreneur. This could reduce unemployment. It is necessary to establish a proper linkage between industry and educational institutions. Since industries already have necessary facilities and equipments, it has become necessary to collaborate with them for providing training to the students. Public sector should be asked to contribute positively in training of students. Govt has to make also some rules in this regard. Short term placement for the students can be very important. The University Grant Commission (UGC) has taken some measures for vocationalism of higher education. The Human Resources Development (HRD) Ministry has also formulated certain measures for it. All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) has been involving in improving quality of education in professional courses.

Therefore it is advisable to our country to include vocational education in our system of education. It helps to enhance the rapid growth of our economy. Govt should pay more attention towards more vocational educational institutions with all facilities. Moreover, the emphasis should be on the aspect that general education and vocational education should go hand in hand.