Now-a-days anxiety and worry are rubbing away peace and tranquility of, minds I stress and strain are ageing people prematurely. At present most of all us are living a life with full of struggles and hardness. Modern living and material thinking added problems are frustrations, troubles and turmoils is our daily life. Today all of us are engaged in rat race, for amassing wealth and hoarding riches; we all are living a mechanical and spiritless life without direction or aim. It is a common belief that money gives happiness. In fact money multiples problem which in turn create unhappiness and misery. Equally lack of money, poverty and wants produce unhappiness.

Then to live happily what one would do? The answer is simple. Too much of everything should be avoided as utter lack of money or excess of wealth, both leads to unhappiness. Life does not become an ordeal.

To live happy life we should not purchase things irrespective of their necessity and our capability. All of us suffer and make our life unhappy because of our ignorance towards our real needs. Mostly we initiate others and purchase costly things which are beyond our means. This naturally brings unhappiness. So to have happy life we should live within our means. Also we should curtail our unnecessary purchase and reduce our wants and desires as far as possible.

To have happy life we should feel contented. Without contentment happiness can never be achieved. Happiness in life also depends on wealth of a person. It is said in “Health is wealth” That is why loss of wealth is nothing compared to loss of wealth. A person with good health will have sound body and sane mind. So to maintain healthy life we should do Yoga and physical exercises. There will tone up our body and purge our bodily imparities.

Happiness also can be achieved by doing service to mankind. We all know “Service to humanity is Service to God”. We should not hesitate to do service to old and disabled, sick and destitute. This service no doubt will measure happiness in our lives. Finally we should emerge in religious discourses and spiritual practices to achieve happiness, peace and tranquility.