Everybody wants to be successful in his life. But while dreaming success one should not forget the battle, which is necessary for victory. Life is beautiful when the art of living is understood. In this case it has been aptly said.

Life is an art

A mountain of troubles

In your trouble don’t cry

You should only try and try

Struggle hard

And conquer the sky

With your skill

M And power of will.

‘Proverbs like ‘where there is will’ there is a way are often used and experienced in our daily life, when someone wants to get something from his heart he tries to get it with all his efforts and will power. Naturally when we feel the dire needs of life, we definitely struggle hard to achieve it. Nothing is impossible once you try hard. If the will power is strong anything can be achieved. In her book ‘I Dare’, Kiran Bedi says, if you want to achieve something you must struggle. Throw yourself in the volley of your aim. Do not think about the deepness and results of your task, when you will achieve your aim. You will definitely forget about the struggle and pain.

We are often inspired by the example of those who have become success. The strong will power is the only base of your success. Kiran Bedi, the first lady IPS officer struggled hard and became successful and popular in our country. She is a woman like other women. But her strong will power made her stormy personality. Our cricketer super star Sachin Tendulkar has achieved fame and wealth and everything. Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, a simple person became the prime minister of India. Our new President Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam got the highest post because of his sheer will power. Was it possible for them to become great without strong will power? P. T. Usha has proved that age can’t be an obstacle on the way to success. Besides we read in the Mahabharat that Eklavya completed his education with the help of the statue of Guru Dronacharya because Dronacharya refused to teach him but by sheer will power he learnt the art of archery inspired by the master. One should always remember God help those who help themselves.

Nothing is impossible if you try. With the help of will power one can achieve anything. A small sparrow makes a very beautiful nest with the help of her will power. It is an art, which comes from her will power to protect her children. Will power gives courage and energy to win. The main obstacle in the way of success is tardiness and lack of will power.

Be active,

Ever green and optimistic hope for the sky

You will learn to fly.

Do not blame fate only those who struggle become successful. Many believe in fate or luck. Sometimes one who struggles go on struggling and another person who waits without struggle becomes successful. But it does not happen all the time though fate plays a great role in our success. Will power is also very important and with the help of will power one can conquer fate. But one should not hope for victory before fighting the battle. Luck or opportunity never bothers men who are firmly set on getting ahead. They will create the opportunity themselves and make their way to success. Always remember fortune favours the brave. To achieve success, make progress and gain profit one has to dare and take risks. Kiran Bedi says,

“People who do not carry out the responsibilities of their lives are lathi charged by the time. Success is not cheap.”

To dream is your right

To struggle is your duty.

Will power is your need

To achieve the sky and to fly.

Everybody knows that success does not go to those who never struggle. But while dreaming success one should be always ready for hard work. It is not something, which can be achieved by spending money. But will power, which comes from your soul and heart, is needed if your will power is strong. You will be successful, and a successful person is always found confident. But success demands hard work, struggle, sacrifice etc. Emily Dickinson says, success is counted sweetest by those who never succeed. It is true but success is counted sweetest by everyone who struggles. So struggle hard and be successful, nothing is impossible if your will is strong. You can achieve everything. After all where mere is a will there is a way. Do not be afraid of failure because failure is the first step on the way to success; learn to face problems. Bear your troubles don’t worry and be happy. Remember that if you laugh the whole world laughs with you but if you weep you will have to weep alone With your strong will power and enthusiasm any great thing can be achieved.