Women human rights issues are of serious phenomena today. For about many years, in Kerala as well as over India, there has been a growing interest in the study of the issues of human rights of women due to their abuse rather than their enjoyment. In addition, there have been many concerted efforts by women individually and in organization to protect women rights. As a result, the women in Kerala have overcome a little bit of the very elementary stage of equality. However, the full-fledged human right of women is at stake.

The lives of women in Kerala are circumscribed by patriarchy, inadequate access to productive resources and powerlessness. At the core of this circle of denial and discrimination are their rightful entitlements to life, education and training for a scientific technological world, health and social security. It was embodied in invisible structural and out ward forms of violence perpetuated by institutions of family, community and society. It is a generally admitted fact that gender is an important factor in women’s subordination to men and this gradually happened and manifested in the subsequent erosion to the feminine in relation to the masculine. Even through today’s trends in family form suggest that the modern symmetrical family is more favourably structured to permit cross over between male and female roles than was the pre-industrial or early industrial family, in Kerala where continues to exist the neglect of women human rights.

In the holistic version, the issue of human rights, the status of women, peace and development were all linked. The status of women is actually related to primarily the issue of patriarchy, reinforced by culture, religion and literature etc. subsequently, the rights of women may get further curtailed by some factors. They are the boosting factors like communalism and fundamentalism, social mind set, operational difficulties and the behavioural pattern of the aggrieved. In addition, some governments failed to attack not only certain forms of violence, but also many laws and practices that either rendered women vulnerable to attacks or made it difficult for them to escape or redress abuse. Discrimination at work place considering women as commodities and a mere tool for sexual satisfaction, discrimination by family etc. together make the women human right issues a serious one. In the India constitution, emphasis is given to the attributes of human right to maternity relief, right to human dignity etc. as far as India in general and Kerala in particular are concerned, the problem is not confined to the lack of laws. It is social mindset and the laxity in the way of implementation coupled with the attitude and approach of aggrieved party that make matters worse.