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The Wonders of Science

The twentieth century is the age of science. Science has progressed by leaps and bounds. It has brought about many revolutions in the life of man. Science is a great blessing to mankind. It has transformed human life beyond all imagination. Science has relieved man from his sufferings, removed his ignorance and lightened his toil. The very progress of mankind, from the primitive ages to the ultra-modern twenty-first century, shows how science has influenced life. Science has transformed the very face of the earth. It has blessed humanity with great and far-reaching inventions and discoveries. The wonders of science are still being unrevealed.

Science is a faithful servant of man. In the early ages, science helped man in discovering the uses of his hands and intellect, for making tools, weapons and so on. The use of metals, wheels and the gradual invention of various machines followed. Science has made traveling a pleasure. Modern vehicles, modern means of communication and the latest supersonic jets have made the world a smaller place. In one day, we can visit many cities of the world.  Distance and time have been conquered by science.

Essay Writing Topics Wonders of Science

Science is our most faithful medical helper. It has con­quered death and disease. In the sphere of health and hygiene, science has caused wonders. Penicillin, streptomycin and other drugs have proved to be miraculous cures. Terrible and chronic diseases have been overcome by science. Atomic energy is one of the most faithful blessings of science.  It has helped to satisfy the immense need for energy. Atomic energy can run mills, factories and technological establishments, and atomic explosions can be used for leveling mountains and digging canals. Science has increased efficiency. Scientific methods of cultivation have increased agricultural output.

Life in the modern age has been made easier by the numerous types of electrical and electronic equipments. Every sphere of life has been affected by science, from agriculture and industry to satellites and discoveries of objects of outer space. Science has spanned the sky, measured the ocean and wrested from nature many of her hidden treasures. It has extended the frontiers of our knowledge in various directions. It has enabled us to fight even against natural calamities.

In short, the wonders of science are countless. It has taught us to swim like fish in the water and to fly like birds in the air. It has given man comforts and facilities like telephone, television, fans, etc. But man should not misuse the blessings of science for his selfish ends. He has to broaden his scientific outlook and see that the wonders of science should only help in making the world a better place to live in.

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