WORK IS WORSHIP: Essay Writing


No nation can be great if their citizens are lazy. Work and work alone is the way that leads us towards progress. It brings peace, satisfaction and happiness. It is the duty that should come before everything. Work brings happiness and self-respect to our personality. No work is too mean if it is done with honesty. A fair amount of work is always joyful. One should be every ready to do hard work. Hard work done honestly and sincerely brings in happiness, joy and prosperity. A person who learns through his hard work always keeps his head high. He is never made to feel ashamed. He enjoys independence and enjoys a great respect. Work keeps our mind fresh and free from evil thoughts. It is rightly said ‘An idle mind is a devil’s workshop’. We should remain busy in doing some work or the other. Japan was completely devastated by the atom bombs in 1945. Within fifty years, is has become a great nation. How has it been possible? Surely, because of the hard work of the Japanese people. Very often, we feel like having holidays. Students look forward to long vacation. They forget that no work brings boredom. It creates dullness and monotony. Idlers cannot progress. Prosperity comes only those who work hard and believe that ‘Work is worship’.