WORLD WAR-II: Essay Writing Topics


Twenty one years after World War-I, Adolf Hitler, took over Germany. His natural instinct of the Arian Supremacy, forced him to wage a war against Poland in 1939. France and Britain backed up Poland. However, Britain could not match the German’s U boats.

Germany forced its way, blasted the rival army and their camps and advanced deep inside south of France. But the British Premier, Churchill hit back. Meanwhile, joining hands with Finland, Romania and Hungary, the Nazi German army pounced on Russia in 1941. They had almost reached the threshold of Russia!

Years after, Japan attacked the American Naval base at Pearl Harbour, as a suicide fighter jet pilot of Japan, after bombarding the harbour, rammed his bomb-laden aircraft against the stationary ship, ‘Prince of Wales,’ and blew it to pieces! This was America’s prestigious naval base. Many ships were berthed there alongside. The devastating fire engulfed a fleet of ships. (Incidentally this was the first ever suicide bomber attack).

Terrifying thus, Japan spread its wings over South East Asian countries, including India.

Even Madras was not spared! A German U boat, navigated by a German called, Emdon, attacked the Madras port and the lighthouse. But luckily both these landmarks had survived. The two countries, Japan and German, fought valiantly against the allied forces comprising, America, Russia, France and Britain.

The American soldiers, under their Army General, Douglas Mac Arthur, a military genius, fought commendably well. He was also the Commander of the allied forces. The three bigwigs, Churchill (British Premier), Roosevelt (US President) and Joseph Stalin (President of USSR-Union of Soviet Socialist Republic – Russia) held an emergency meeting.

But in 1945, after the death of Roosevelt, Harry Truman became the US President. By that time, the German who suffered heavy loss had to surrender. Hitler, who was cornered, shot himself to death! But Japan continued to fight. Finally, after America, twice, dropped Atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 & 9 in 1945, the six year long war had come to an end. It claimed over 150,000 lives, injuring more numbers.